Harry Potter Face Masks 

As using a face mask has become the new norm, it only makes sense that we keep our masks looking fresh and hip, alongside our daily outfits. For a more “magical” look,  why not match your outfits with these Harry Potter masks. Even old Volde would look good in them — “nose” covered and all. 

The masks are made by the brand CSD, themed to represent each of the 4 Hogwarts houses and come in adult and children’s sizes. They are also packaged in a unique box so even when you’ve used up the masks, you’ll have something to keep as a collectible’s item. 

The Mask

Harry Potter adult masks


The Harry Potter face masks have 2 different variations, the adult set and a set for the kiddos. While the adult face mask designs are more clean-cut with simpler graphics, the children’s masks have more playful motifs printed on them. 

The Adult Set

harry potter adult masks


For the adult set, the mask comes in 4 designs, each representing 1 of the 4 Hogwarts houses: Hufflepuff in yellow, Ravenclaw in blue, Slytherin in green and Gryffindor in a reddish-orange. 

The details, from the ear loop to the mask itself, are all embellished with graphics inspired by each house, with the house name imprinted on the bottom corner of each mask.

The Gryffindor mask, for example, has lion motifs and a red and yellow elastic strap. On days you feel like embodying a little Ravenclaw astute and wit, the blue mask with an eagle graphic should do the trick.

harry potter masks box


And if the masks aren’t already fly on their own, the set is packaged to resemble a cabinet, with 4 removable compartments for each house. 

Each compartment is in a solid colour, with the house’s names embossed on both the top and side. These boxes can be kept and used to store all your Harry Potter goodies or even as a sorter for all the other masks you have collected at home. 

The Kids Set

HP childrens masks


The masks in the kids set also feature 4 designs, but this time with more outlandish depictions of the houses. Each of the masks are decorated with playful prints that represent each house on the front. Just take a peek at the paw prints and house logo on the Hufflepuff version of the mask — it’s quirky to say the least.

While the mask is sized for kids, those with smaller faces will find the petite cut more suitable. 

harry potter masks box set

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The boxes that the kids’ masks come in are just as eccentric, with a more playful layout that includes the symbol of each house and patterns across the whole front. 

Coupled with the adult set, you’ll not only have a collection of masks to dress up your daily fits but also a display piece to add some wizarding wonder to your room. 

Harry Potter Face Masks You’ll Wanna Keep On For That Wizard-Worthy Look 

These Harry Potter-themed masks are an enchanting way for you to stay safe and keep your overall look unique. A single box set with 40 masks, featuring 10 from each house, is priced at 600 yuan (~S$125.70). The masks will be released on 17 August 2021, with details on its availability in Singapore still yet to be confirmed. 

While waiting to see if these Harry Potter masks make it to Singapore, why not check out these chio reusable masks that are just as stylish. 

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