Hello Kitty 4-Room BTO At Henderson

One of the best parts about purchasing a house is being able to deck it out to your taste.

Well, this couple who owns a 4-room BTO flat at Henderson Road did so, and their design certainly caught our attention.

The design is based on Sanrio’s most popular character, Hello Kitty and let’s just say the couple did not hold back.

Pink, white and neutral theme

By using a colour palette of only pink, white and neutral tones, the design of the rooms is soothing to the eyes.

Despite the theme, the house feels serene and inviting, not jarring like a noisy theme park with crazy rides.

One item that stood out is the alternating pink and white window blinds. Having the striated pattern activates the window space and makes the living room look more vibrant.

“The pink blinds were quite unique and I found the only contractor that has such colour of blinds,” Serene Tung, owner of the BTO, reveals, adding that she picked the blinds out herself.

Read till the end of the article for the contractor’s contact!

Design process and furniture costs

“I wanted a Hello Kitty-themed house and my hubby did say, ‘Not too extensive’,” Serene explains. “So I kept it to just the TV console and bed frame, and using pink as a theme.”

Serene is extremely happy with the finishes, “All the contractors were under my interior designer and their workmanship is awesome!”

The birch-coloured bench is a unique choice for a cosy dining area. It costs $279 and is available on HipVan.

The living room sofa is from Gain City and costs about $1,200. Serene explains it was difficult to get a fabric sofa in a neutral tone as most fabric ones are in dark colours. She describes it as “super comfy”.

The modern-looking black sink goes well with the pink cabinets. It was sourced from Taobao for about $200.

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Hello Kitty 4-Room BTO Interior Design Cost $20,000

Would a themed BTO like this cost an arm and a leg? No, because Serene shares the design and renovation works cost only $20,000.

“I expected to pay $30 to $40k for a Hello Kitty house,” explains Serene. But costs were saved as not much carpentry needed to be done and no false ceiling was required.

Creating your personalised BTO haven does not have burn through all your savings, so dream big, Singaporean couples—Avengers, Minions, The Little Mermaid and Game of Thrones BTOs are well within reach.

Just be sure to drop us an invite to your housewarming!

Contractor contacts

Interior Design: Design 4 Space Pte Ltd, 6767 9919
Customised bed frame: Kenny Lim, 8373 9115
Curtains and blinds: Alvin Teo, 9815 1139

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All photos courtesy of Serene Tung