Hello Kitty Floats

Phase 2 is finally upon us. Not only can we now meet 4 friends or less, we can also enjoy the great outdoors once again. But that doesn’t mean we should suddenly forget about social distancing measures. For those eager to hit the beach or the swimming pool, these Hello Kitty floats might be just what you need to practise safe distancing.

Get Floaty has collaborated with Sanrio on a Hello Kitty collection that consists of 2 giant floats, 1 tube and 2 cupholders. They are available on Get Floaty’s website and range from US$14.99 (~S$20.90) to US$79.99 (~S$111.60).

Floats and tubes


What better way is there to showcase your devotion than by lying on a massive float with Hello Kitty’s face on it? If your first thought upon seeing Get Floaty’s Giant Hello Kitty float is how it’s going to be a nightmare to inflate it, fret not. It comes with a double valve so you can easily use an air mattress pump or a hairdryer to inflate it in 3 minutes. Deflating is just as fuss-free, all you have to do is pull the plug.

Get Floaty’s Giant Hello Kitty float retails for US$79.99 (~S$111.60).


Get Floaty’s Hello Kitty Giant Bow float is a more subtle nod to the feline. Even non-Hello Kitty fans would look at it and think, “Why does this bow look so familiar?” True fans, of course, would recognise the homage immediately.

Like the rest of Get Floaty’s Hello Kitty floats, this can be inflated in 3 minutes thanks to the double valve. Once inflated, the float measures 84 inches by 56.4 inches ( 213cm x 143cm). The float retails for US$59.99 (~S$83.60).


Take no chances and keep people at arm’s length with Get Floaty’s Hello Kitty Tube. Simply float along without worrying that anyone might end up getting too close for comfort.

Once inflated, the float measures 46 inches by 47 inches by 14 inches (117cm x 119cm x 35.5cm). The float retails for US$34.99 (~S$48.80).

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Of course, not everyone is enthused at the thought of facing the outside world again. Whether you’re planning to continue staying home because you’re an introvert or simply want to wait till the crowds die down, Get Floaty’s Hello Kitty cupholders can be used indoors too. Place them on your desk for a cheery WFH accessory or use them in your bathtub during your next self-care session.

The Hello Kitty Bow Cupholder comes in a set of 2. It measures 17 inches x 11 inches x 5 inches (43cm x 28cm x 13cm) when inflated.

The Hello Kitty Cupholder also comes in a set of 2. It measures 9 inches x 5.8 inches x 2 inches (23cm x 15cm x 5cm) when inflated.

Both cupholder sets retail for US$14.99 (~S$20.90) each.

These Hello Kitty Floats & Cupholders Will Accompany You As You Dive Into Phase 2

The Hello Kitty floats and cupholders are now available on Get Floaty’s website. Shipping is only within the U.S, as well as to Canada and Hong Kong. You can use a forwarding service like vPost, and hit the pool and beach once your floats arrive.

All images courtesy of Get Floaty. 

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