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Hello Kitty Gardening EZ-Link Card

Singapore has made many efforts in promoting sustainability and greener living in recent years, and ICYMI, one of them is the Green Plan 2030. While planting more trees and cutting down carbon emissions are some of the common methods, you can also play a part by taking public transport with the EZ-Link x Hello Kitty gardening card. 

The design

Normally, you’d recognise Hello Kitty with her signature red ribbon and blue pinafore. But here on the EZ-Link card, she greets you in an adorable gardening ensemble that features a green hat and brown dress. She’s even swapped her red ribbon for yellow. 

Hello Kitty Gardening EZ-Link Card

The left of the card shows the character caring for a young plant, and on the right, she is making her way through a forest while riding a bicycle. Both actions of hers are practical ways to contribute to the environment aka planting a seed and cycling as a means of transportation.

Note how there is even a 3-coloured rainbow that suggests a brighter and better future with ongoing sustainable efforts. 

Hello Kitty Gardening EZ-Link Card

That’s not all ‒ every purchase of the EZ-Link card comes with a free packet of Nai Bai seeds. You can grow them in your house, and perhaps also use them to teach young ones the importance of green efforts. 

Plus, kraft paper is used to pack the EZ-Link card, and it comes with a reminder to be kind to the earth and every living creature. 

This Hello Kitty Gardening EZ-Link Card Promotes The Importance Of Green Living

Kickstart 2023 with good vibes when you raise awareness of sustainability efforts with this EZ-Link x Hello Kitty gardening card. Each EZ-Link card retails at $10 with no load value, and can be purchased on Shopee

All images courtesy of Shopee

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