Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

Last year, ‘90s kids everywhere rejoiced when Bandai released a Tamagotchi On 2019 collection. This year, Bandai has one-upped itself by collaborating with Sanrio on a Hello Kitty version of the popular handheld virtual pet simulation game.

In this new model, Hello Kitty will help you raise your character. Think of her as a co-parent who appears on screen as you’re taking care of your tiny friend. Hello Kitty will even help you feed your pet with her favourites: apple pie and milk.

There are 2 different designs of the device available, to cater to fans of both minimalist and kawaii aesthetics.

Red and white designs

hello kitty tamagotchi favorite things red

If you’re somebody who likes collecting cute stickers to decorate your laptop or journal, you will love the Favorite Things Tamagotchi. The red shell decorated with Hello Kitty’s favourite things reminds us of the stickers we used to buy from our school bookshops as kids.

hello kitty tamagotchi white

The second design is perfect for those who prefer a simple look to their retro toys. Named after Hello Kitty herself, it has a white shell with her whiskers and iconic red bow.

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hello kitty tamagotchi favorite things red piano

Besides decorating the shell, Hello Kitty will also appear on screen throughout the day to help you take care of your Tamagotchi character from egg to baby to adult.

hello kitty tamagotchi favorite things red

Joey, Hello Kitty’s best friend, will also come into your character’s space and make a mess, leaving Hello Kitty to clean up after him.

hello kitty tamagotchi white piano

Hello Kitty loves playing the piano, and in this game, you’ll get to do the same. There are 2 mini-games included, the Piano game and Balloon game. This way, you’ve got things to do while you wait for your virtual pet to get hungry or dirty again.

The way you (and Hello Kitty) take care of your Tamagotchi will decide which of the 7 Adults you’ll get. If you raise it well, you could end up with one of the surprise characters. In typical Tamagotchi fashion, the lifespan of your pet is only 12 days on average, but this means you’ll get a chance to reset the game and collect all 7 Adults.

The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

hello kitty tamagotchi packaging

The Hello Kitty Tamagotchi will be released on 1 December 2020. It will be retailing for US$19.99 (~S$27.30) each on sites including Amazon. While the device was available for pre-order, the response seems to have been so good that it is temporarily out of stock, so keep checking the page for updates. In the meantime, you can download the Tamagotchi app on your smartphone for free to start looking after your own virtual pet.

All images courtesy of Bandai.

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