Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

If Hello Kitty BBT and milk carton lip balms weren’t enough to satisfy your “sweet tooth”, here’s another one for you ‒ an ice cream-themed collection that includes makeup brushes, sponges, and a tub bag. In partnership with Spectrum, the new Hello Kitty collection is decked in pastel colours that add fun and “flavour” to your makeup routine. 


Makeup junkies would go gaga over this adorable 9-piece Hello Kitty ice cream brush set that features 6 eye brushes and 3 face brushes. Each brush is designed with a vanilla cream and gold handle, with the latter part having motifs of colourful sprinkles and Hello Kitty’s face.   

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

The soft bristles come in a variety of colours like purple, yellow, mint, pink, and white, and are made from synthetic Taklon hair. Rest assured they are also gentle on the skin during application. 

Apart from the brushes, the packaging of the set is also kawaii AF. It features motifs of different flavours of ice cream and one with Hello Kitty holding a sweet treat. 

The 9-piece Hello Kitty brush set retails at $99.

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

If you’re only looking for a basic brush set in midi-sizes, this 3-piece Hello Kitty brush set might be for you. You can use them either on your face, cheeks or under your eyes to conceal pesky dark circles.  

Unlike the previous brush set, this one features the brushes only in pastel colours like vanilla cream, aqua green and pink. Note how the packaging is shaped like a delicious popsicle too. 

The 3-piece Hello Kitty brush set retails at $30. 

For those who enjoy collecting novelty makeup tools, this Hello Kitty ice cream kabuki brush might pique your interest. 

It is retractable, handy, and comes in a sleek gold design that is decked with sprinkles and a motif of Hello Kitty’s face on the lid. Plus, with dimensions of 9cm x 4cm, it will fit well into your makeup pouch. What’s more, the brush is suitable for the application of bronzer, blusher, and powder foundation. 

The Hello Kitty ice cream kabuki brush retails at $40. 


If you’re on #TeamSponge when it comes to makeup application, these Hello Kitty ice cream-shaped sponges are for you to consider.

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

Taking after the shape of actual ice cream cones, you’ll find the two sponges in “strawberry” and “mint” flavours. There are also details like motifs of strawberry syrup and sprinkles on the pink and green sponges respectively. 

On top of their cute factor, the sponges also have a practical design. The rounded section allows you to use it with base makeup like a liquid foundation for a flawless finish. Also, the edgy “cone” has a unique shape that is excellent to press and blend the concealer out around your eyes and nose. 

The Hello Kitty ice cream sponge squad retails at $30. 


There’s no better way to end the collection with a bang than this adorable Hello Kitty ice cream tub makeup bag. 

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

Doubling as a crossbody bag, the makeup bag comes in dimensions of 13cm x 11cm x 11cm ‒ the perfect size to store essentials like your phone and purse. It features detachable chain straps so you can also bring it out as a pouch. 

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

In case you’re wondering, the bag opens up through the lift-off lid. It also features various motifs of Hello Kitty and ice cream that alternate in different pastel blocks. 

That’s not all ‒ the main body of the bag also highlights nutritional facts but with a twist. Instead of details like the percentage of calories and protein, it shows the amount of taste, cuteness, sweetness, love, and fun. 

The Hello Kitty ice cream tub makeup bag retails at $60. 

This Hello Kitty Ice Cream-Themed Collection Is Excellent For Both Makeup & Dessert Enthusiasts

Hello Kitty Ice Cream Makeup Collection

Swap out your plain makeup tools with these adorable ones from the Hello Kitty ice cream-themed collection. You can also put a smile on the face of a fellow Hello Kitty fan when you gift them with any of the items. Interested folks can purchase them on Spectrum’s official website now. 

All images courtesy of Spectrum.

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