Hello Kitty & Friends YouTube Workout

We’re all finding new ways to stay connected with our friends during this period of self-isolation. Here’s one more thing you can add to your Zoom happy hour and Houseparty sessions: a YouTube workout routine starring Hello Kitty and edutainment character Shimajiro called “Exercise with Friends”.

The YouTube series is a collab between Sanrio and Benesse, the company behind Kodomo Challenge, a line of children’s education products. It was dreamed up during this stay-home period as a way for kids and parents to have fun together while getting some exercise in at the same time. Of course, kids-at-heart are more than welcome to partake too.

You can also look forward to other popular mascot characters such as Kumamon and Cheburashka appearing in future videos to teach viewers how to perform calisthenics.

Calisthenics workouts

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that relies on your own bodyweight. That means you don’t need any fancy equipment or even a large amount of space. In other words, it’s perfect for most of us who are stuck at home during this Circuit Breaker period.


The two-and-a-half-minute long video starts off with a rallying call from Shimajiro, who asks, “Are you at home like I am?” That’s a resounding “yes” right back at ya, bruh.


Shimajiro then introduces the workout routine to come as “an exercise you can do with friends to build energy”. He is first joined by Hello Kitty, followed by each of their sisters, Hannah and Mimmy respectively.


First up, an arm workout. This involves a series of actions where you move both arms forward, swing your arms, and finally, wave at your friend.


Next comes a leg workout. This involves side lunges and, my personal favourite, a part where you “get close to your friend and make a big heart”.

Finally, the exercise routine ends with a full-body workout incorporating your arms and legs.

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Work-from-home setting

For all the voyeurs out there, the journey into the world of video calls during this period has meant getting a peek at what your friends’ homes look like. The same goes for this video. Each of the characters are exercising from their own homes, and the backdrops are absolutely adorable.


Mimmy (left) seems to be working out in the study, with shelves lined with books and a wall decorated with pictures of the Hello Kitty fam. Hello Kitty’s bedroom (right) has a bed with floral ruffled bed linen. She also has matching wallpaper and furniture that look straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

Shimajiro and Hannah, on the other hand, are clearly all about minimalist interior design. Shimajiro is exercising in a playroom with the least clutter anyone has ever seen, and Hannah from the living room with Muji-style furniture.

Hello Kitty & Friends YouTube Workout Routine Is Great For A Quick Fitness Session With Your Friends

The exercises in this Hello Kitty YouTube workout routine are simple, easy to follow and would be a blast to do during your next Zoom call with your besties. We can’t wait to see which mascot will be joining in the YouTube series next.

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