Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance Proposal

Earlier in October, Hilton Singapore Orchard held a wedding giveaway where couples submitted their wedding proposals as entries to win a free wedding banquet worth over $19,000. While the competition was fierce, one proposal stood out thanks to the groom-to-be’s creativity ‒ by choreographing a dance routine to Korean boy band, BTS’s hit song, ‘Dynamite’. 

Read on to find out how the wedding proposal won the hearts of not just the bride-to-be but also from fans around Singapore. 

The proposal 

As the emotional appeal was part of the judging criteria, the wedding proposal began with the groom-to-be, Titus Lim, sharing his feelings. He revealed that he was “pretty nervous but a bit confident” ‒ an emotion that many guys who have gone down on one knee would understand.

Titus Lim before the proposal

Soon enough, bride-to-be Esther Tang made her way to the location before she was greeted by gorgeous and romantic decorations that included couple photos and fairy lights. 


Due to COVID restrictions, many of their friends and families couldn’t be there to bless them and witness the wedding proposal. Instead, Titus Lim thought of a solution by compiling video messages from them. 

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalAsking Esther Tang’s father for permission to marry

It is only natural to feel touched when receiving blessings from your loved ones. So it was no surprise that Esther Tang found herself getting teary-eyed, especially when she saw how Titus Lim specially asked her father for permission to marry her. 

Moving on from tear-jerking moments and into the city with a lil’ funk and soul, a video of Titus Lim in numerous locations in Singapore dancing to BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ was then played.

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalDancing to BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ in public

He gathered many dancers to perform a choreographed routine that he had come up with, impressing not just Esther Tang but netizens as well. The wedding proposal later even went viral, reaching overseas countries! 

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalHolding a bouquet of McNuggets

Moving on to the main event of the 3-part proposal, Titus Lim appears while holding a bouquet of McNuggets. It even included curry sauce that made it uniquely Singaporean. 

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalSource

After a touching speech and emotional exchanges, Titus Lim finally popped the question. And as expected, Esther Tang said “yes”. 

The joyous moment between the couple definitely touched the hearts of many, which is also why they won the grand prize from Hilton Singapore Orchard. For the full wedding proposal video, you can check it out here

The hotel 

ICYMI, the grand prize of the wedding giveaway is a 15-table wedding lunch banquet worth over $19,000. This means the couple gets to celebrate their special occasion at Hilton Singapore Orchard’s newly renovated pillarless ballroom some time in 2022. 

For those who are looking for a location to tie their knot, you might be interested to learn what Hilton Singapore Orchard has to offer for yourselves.  

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalGrand Ballroom
Image courtesy of Hilton Singapore Orchard

Their Grand Ballroom takes its name literally as it comes with stunning LED walls and holds up to 800 guests ‒ great for couples who love a big and spectacular wedding. 

Hilton Singapore Orchard BTS Dance ProposalImperial Ballroom
Image courtesy of Hilton Singapore Orchard

Alternatively, the Imperial Ballroom provides a more intimate wedding. It holds up to 220 guests and is designed as a multi-tiered amphitheatre-style ballroom. 

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True At Hilton Singapore Orchard

Set to welcome wedding bookings for the new year, Hilton Singapore Orchard will be opened in March 2022. For more information about the wedding packages that they offer, visit Hilton Singapore Orchard’s official website. Perhaps you’d want a grand gesture of a proposal just like Titus and Esther’s first.

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