Home Caregiver As A Side Hustle

When it comes to earning money, no one likes a difficult job. After all, many of us can relate to wanting to earn big bucks without working too hard. So when Lemon8 user @elainegoh shared her story as a 23-year-old girl working as a home caregiver for a side hustle, it earned the respect of many, and even restored a little faith in humanity for me. 

The job


In case you’re wondering, @elainegoh is a nursing student. She began working part-time as a home caregiver because she believed that it would be a great experience for her. However, when @elainegoh told her family about it, her father was concerned about her working in a “dangerous” environment. 

Considering how it isn’t easy working as a home caregiver, even @elainegoh admitted that she was afraid and had initial reservations. Thankfully, @elainegoh soon realised that the part-time job allowed her to grow as an individual. 


Touching on the perks of working as a home caregiver, @elainegoh enjoyed the part where she got to “explore different parts of Singapore and enter homes that [she] never expected herself to enter”. 

Since it is not every day that we get to visit large mansions in Singapore, @elainegoh was thankful for the opportunity to do so. 


On the other hand, @elainegoh also mentioned that every visit was a learning experience for her, whether it was good or bad. 

One memorable incident was a time when she was looked down upon by her patient because of her young age. Instead of feeling angry and upset, she took it as a motivation to work harder to show that her capabilities had nothing to do with age. 

Additionally, there were other moments when she struggled to take care of her patients because they didn’t open up to her and didn’t allow her to help, considering her a stranger.

Despite going through these difficulties, @elainegoh doesn’t allow them to get the better of her and maintains a positive attitude. She looks forward to “learning new wisdom and things about life from other patients.”

Home Caregiver As A Side HustlePositive comments and gifts that @elainegoh received from her patients

Most importantly, @elainegoh found it heartwarming whenever her patients appreciated her. There were even some who took the time and effort to write her positive comments.   

Sharing more about her part-time job as a home caregiver, @elainegoh explained that you don’t need a nursing certificate or background to join ‒ they will actually provide you with training. This means if you are interested in finding out more about serving the community, you can consider giving home caregiving a go yourself. 

Working As A Home Caregiver Is A Humbling & Fulfilling Job

Not everyone can work as a home caregiver, and @elainegoh’s experience shows that she is someone who cares for the needs of elders, and is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference. More appreciation should be given to these individuals for their efforts in making society a better place. 

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