Trendy Low Maintenance Hairstyles

As much as we want to have fun or extravagant hairstyles, the reality is that Singapore is humid AF. This means frizzy hair, sweaty fringes or hard-to-maintain hairstyles throughout the day because of the constantly hot weather. Boo

Finding the perfect hairstyle to stay cool in Singapore’s heat is pretty much a long process of trial and error. To help ladies with this issue, we sourced for trendy and low maintenance hairstyles on Gen Z’s favourite app — TikTok. From wolf cut to curtain bangs, hopefully you’ll have a new hairstyle to introduce to your hairstylist.

1. Wolf cut


A wolf cut is a chic combination of a shag and a mullet, complete with short layers in the front to frame the face. Meanwhile, longer layers are in the back to give off a choppy look. FYI, it’s called a wolf cut because it’s literally inspired by the wild look of a wolf.

The wolf cut gives off an effortlessly flawless look, serving “I woke up like this” vibes. TikTok has also proved that it can be easily styled in just 15 minutes

How to maintain: Make sure to go for routine trims to preserve the layers and shaggy lengths. But you can also grow it out to create longer and softer layers before switching up your hairstyle again.

2. Curtain bangs


Manifesting uwu girl vibes, curtain bangs, also known as airy bangs, are centre-parted fringes that are longer and cut into an arch. This fringe is then combed to the back of the head to give off a softer look, especially for ladies with a round face, since it highlights the cheekbones. 

With hot weather like Singapore, there’s no need to deal with sweaty bangs plastered to your forehead. Check out this TikTok on how to style curtain bangs. 

How to maintain: Go for occasional trims and style your fringe towards the back of your head to add volume to your hair. Using a hair dryer and a round brush will make this look easier to maintain.

3. Blunt bob


For those with fine and straight hair, a blunt bob is suitable to add weight and volume. It gives off a thicker look while maintaining its lightness. A blunt bob is a shorter hairstyle cut into a straight line at the end — it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this haircut.  

Fun fact: Korean actress Lim Semi once rocked this hairstyle for a magazine photoshoot, so you can channel your inner K-idol look with this hairstyle too. 

How to maintain: Go for occasional touch ups and trims to keep the ends clean and sharp.

4. Back undercut


PSA to all girls with thick hair: there’s no need to stress about overly clogged shower drains anymore. Getting a back undercut will not just make your life easier, but it’s also more effective for styling different hair styles. Yes, the struggle to tie everything up is real — your claw clips will thank you for this haircut. 

Plus, you can even add fresh designs and patterns that add to your look when your hair is up. For easier understanding, check out this TikTok that best demonstrates its effectiveness. 

How to maintain: It’s easy to maintain if you have someone helping you to follow in the lines with a shaver. Otherwise, the shaved hair will take months to fully grow out, and it isn’t obvious if you don’t put up your hair since it’ll be covered.

5. Hime haircut


“Hime” means “princess” in Japanese, which is why the Hime haircut is a common hairstyle of princesses in Japanese history. The Hime cut comes with cheek-length bangs, while the rest of the hair is worn long at the back. It’s best suited for those with naturally straight hair.

This unique look is known for being on K-pop idol Momo from Twice and anime character Yumeko from Kakegurui. You can also switch up this look by adding waves for a more casual vibe. 

How to maintain: Occasional touch-ups on the front bangs are required to maintain its shape. Hair straightening is sometimes used for those without naturally straight hair.

6. U-shape


Just like its name suggests, a U-shape haircut is layered into multiple U shapes throughout the head. The hair remains an even length throughout, with slight differences in the middle and side lengths. This layered look is similar to a V-cut as well. 

How to maintain: Freshen up the line every two to three months to maintain a light and voluminous look. It doesn’t require much styling when going out, but ladies can curl the sides with a blow dryer and round brush for a gentle finish. 

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Low Maintenance Hairstyles

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Low Maintenance Hairstyles

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