Aesthetic Home Office Set-up 

Working from home used to be a dream combination of minimalist interior design and Pinterest aesthetics. Now that we’re “living the dream”, it’s a reality of messy desks and un-Instagrammable work environments. If your at-home workstation looks more like a gamer’s desk or a garbage dump, here are 10 Taobao decor pieces to zhng up your little space and transform it into an aesthetic home office set-up.

1. Multi-purpose desk organiser 

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Keep your work essentials in one place with this desk organiser (39.60 RMB, ~S$7.93), which also acts as a tissue box. The compartment will give your workspace a MUJI-like aesthetic with its wooden top and white body.

2. Grid storage baskets

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Colour-coordinate your pen holders and book baskets with these rose gold grid storage baskets (18 RMB to 25.50 RMB, ~S$3.61 to ~S$5.11) to elevate your workstation aesthetic and keep it consistent.

3. Mesh memo board

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Make space on your desk and make your home office Pinterest-worthy at the same time by hanging up a mesh memo board (10.26 RMB to 61.26 RMB, ~S$2.06 to ~S$12.28). 

Attach your pictures, to-do lists and more using a matching gold bulldog clip. You can also add S-hooks and shelves to display your stationery and other decorative items. 

4. Cable organiser

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If your table looks like a gamer’s desk with wires strewn around everywhere, a great solution is to get a cable organiser (11.90 RMB, ~S$2.39). Bonus points for the pastel colours.

5. Wireless charging station

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While you’re at it, get a wireless charging station (138 RMB to 158 RMB, ~S$27.65 to ~S$31.66) for all your tech gadgets. It works as both a charger and a desk organiser by preventing your table from getting too crowded with electronics.

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6. Table lamp

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Minimalist light fixtures like this table lamp (58 RMB to 78 RMB, ~S$11.64 to ~S$15.65 ) are a functional addition to your desk and can give your space a sleek look. This one has a storage container at the base so you can use it as a pen holder too. 

7. Artificial succulents

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Simulate the outdoors with some artificial succulents (36 RMB, ~S$7.21). You won’t have to worry about not having green fingers since these plants are fake but can still add a touch of greenery to your home office.

8. Scented candle

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Scented candles (from 16.80 RMB, ~S$3.37) are a great way to up your mood, concentration and even productivity, depending on the scent you choose. Look for one in pretty packaging and it doubles up as a form of table decor too.

9. Essential oil diffuser

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If you’re scared of flames, an essential oil diffuser (92 RMB, ~S$18.43) is a great option. Diffusers in a minimalist design will make your home office look good and smell good.

10. Photo frames

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Display anything from pictures of your friends and family to your favourite motivational quote in these two-tone photo frames (12.20 RMB to 30.20 RMB, ~S$2.44 to ~S$6.07) and instantly turn your WFH desk into a personalised space.

11. Fairy lights

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Fairy lights (53.58 RMB to 198.38 RMB, ~S$10.74 to ~S$39.95) are your best bet for adding some extra bling to your workspace. Drape them across the wall in front of your desk to make your WFH OT experience better.

Aesthetic & Affordable Taobao Decor Items For Your Home Office Set-up Will Motivate You To Work Harder

Turn your at-home workstation into an aesthetic home office set-up with these affordable Taobao decor items, and you’ll feel motivated to keep on hustling.

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