Housewarming Gift Ideas

Now that the holiday season is upon us, the next worry on our list is this – what to get for Secret Santa Christmas presents?! Keeping in mind this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of aesthetic housewarming gift ideas you can consider buying, personalised for every type of girl out there — from the beauty guru tai tai to the clean freak.    


1. For the home masterchef – Crate & Barrel Calphalon Bakeware Set

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For self-proclaimed master-chefs and bakers, it’s only fitting to add to their arsenal of appliances so they can whip up more delicious treats for you

Opt for Crate & Barrel’s Calphalon Bakeware Set, which comes with 6 pieces of countertop safe non-stick pans. Each pan is different, and they come in different sizes suitable for any type of food preparation – from round to rectangular and square. The pans have a sleek silver finish and a glossy exterior, so they will gleam effortlessly  in the kitchen. 

The Crate & Barrel Calphalon Bakeware Set retails at $131.99 on Crate & Barrel’s website

2. For the clean freak – Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Gold

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If you’ve got a loved one that relishes a spick and span home for Christmas parties, here’s an idea. With the help of the well-known Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Gold, tidying up will be a lot faster and easier, and you won’t have to slog away cleaning the house for hours on end. 

Display your sleek gold and purple Dyson on the wall dock while it’s charging. Plus, you can easily pop it off for future use. Its long and narrow body lets you store the vacuum cleaner without taking up much space as well.

Additionally, the single button power control allows you cleaning without the hassle of switching hands. My personal favourite feature? You don’t have to get your hands dirty as the Dyson has no-touch bin emptying. 

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute Gold retails at $1,049 on Dyson’s website.

3. For the hardcore minimalist – Wall Hanging Mirror from Amazon

aesthetic housewarming gifts mirrorSource

Designing a house can be tricky business – especially for a couple who has just moved into their new BTO. Give some inspiration to the newlyweds by gifting them this minimalist mirror to kickstart their house layout, and the rest will be history. 

This wall hanging mirror comes in an octagonal shape, with woven white ropes holding up the structure. Place it in a bedroom or living room, and you’ll have an aesthetic corner for you to snap some mirror selfies with. 

The Wall Hanging Mirror retails at $14.99 on Amazon.   

4. For the dreamer – Hooga Clarra Decorative Light

aesthetic housewarming gifts cloud lightSource

To put it as Taylor Swift sings, “only the young can run”. If you’re a dreamer like Taytay, opt for the Hooga Clarra Decorative Light that is in the shape of a cloud to let sweet dreams come to you while you nap away. 

Be it in a living room or bedroom, this light adds a pop of colour to an all-white exterior to match your minimalist style. For the even younger ones, it can also be used as a nightlight. 

The Hooga Clarra Decorative Light retails at $13.90 on Hooga’s website

5. For the exercise buff – Nutribullet Pro 900 Matte White blender

aesthetic housewarming gifts nutribulletSource

Every year, many of us have the same New Year’s resolution – getting fitter. This Christmas, help a friend out early by purchasing them a Nutribullet blender, so she can really kick her plan of health into motion.

This blender comes in a simple white –  aesthetically pleasing to look at in the kitchen. To activate the blender, simply lock the cup into the base. Its powerful speed also allows faster and smoother blending, so you can get those smoothies on the go quick. 

The Nutribullet Pro 900 Matte White blender retails at $229.90 on Metro’s website

6. For the beauty guru tai tai – Ulta Beauty True Glow Moisturising Mist Facial Sauna System 

aesthetic housewarming gifts facial steamerSource

Pamper someone with this Ulta Beauty facial steamer. For ladies who prefer not to spend money on having facials, create a spa day for them in the comfort of their own home.

The Ulta Beauty Mist Facial Sauna System comes in pink and has a wide top so you can place your face nearer to the machine. The mist will release from the machine, and release steam, which will help to open your pores for easy cleansing. With this, skincare will be much easier to take care of. 

The Ulta Beauty True Glow Moisturising Mist Facial Sauna System retails at $41 on Ulta’s website

7. For the bookworm – Glitter Bookends

aesthetic housewarming gifts glitter bookendsSource

If you’re a bookworm like me, you know how important having bookends are. With the many stacks of stories in your home library, there’s no other way to keep them organised. Make that bookworm friend in your group happy with these chio glittery bookends. 

These come in pink and purple marble, with gold embellishments throughout the design. Made out of wood, they are sturdy and can be used to divide books of different covers and even hold files. 

These bookends come with two pieces, and retail at $24.77 on Amazon

8. For the eco-warrior – Ever Eco Stackable Bento Box 

aesthetic housewarming gifts bento boxSource

From metal straws to bringing their own recyclable bags, we all have that eco-warrior friend that wholly supports these movements and follows them religiously. Add another one to their collection with this Ever Eco Stackable Bento Box, suitable for takeaways and meal preparations. 

The bento boxes are stackable, and can be split into three sections for different types of food. 

The Ever Eco Stackable Bento Box retails at $44.95 on Healthtree’s website

9. For the entertainer – 10-Piece Bartender Kit

aesthetic housewarming gifts bartender kitSource

At every party, we need that friend who’s literally the life of it, aka the entertainer. Gift them this 10-piece bartender kit to further enhance their hostess duties and turn up their year-end Christmas gathering a notch. 

The kit comes with everything an aspiring bartender would need – shakers, strainers and stirrers, which will come in handy when mixing those festive cocktails. 

The 10-piece bartender kit retails at $45.49 on Amazon

10. For the always OT-ing workaholic – OSIM uCosy 3D Neck & Shoulder Massager

aesthetic housewarming gifts osim ucosySource

We all have that one workaholic friend that’s always OT-ing. Catching her for free time is like catching a rare Pokémon. If she’s your secret santee, chances are she’s in need of a massage, and the OSIM uCosy 3D Neck & Shoulder Massager will be the perfect gift.  

Portable and medium-sized, it takes minimal effort to use this and relieve some tense muscles. All you’d need to do is place it behind you on a chair and let the magic happen. 

The uCosy 3D Neck & Shoulder Massager retails at $179 on OSIM’s website.

These Aesthetic Housewarming Gift Ideas Will Make Your Present-Hunting Less Stressful  

Christmas is all about time with family and friends, and ‘tis the season we show our appreciation with gifts. Whether it’s for bae or a close gal pal, these housewarming gift ideas will definitely put a smile on their faces. 

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