How To Fix Dull Or Damaged Hair

NGL, it’s hard not to be envious of those with seemingly picture-perfect hair, especially if they even bleach, straighten or curl it. Yes, comparison is the thief of joy, and healthy hair is not a myth.

To help you achieve the hair of your dreams, we’ve compiled a list of 7 lesser-known causes of dull, damaged, or frizzy hair, as well as how to fix them.

1. Using the wrong products for your hair type

If you’re the sort to go back and forth between different hair products, consider stepping back and simplifying your hair routine. In fact, your hair may be dull, greasy or frizzy because you’re using products that don’t work well together. Cue product incompatibility — when products react with each other and end up causing damage. 

Instead of piling many different products onto your hair, you should use products from the same range that’s specially formulated to address your hair concerns. This ensures that products complement each other, enhancing effectiveness.

For example, PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s RES range is a dual-function hair & scalp series that aims to transform dry and damaged hair into healthy, glossy strands, while also working to reduce and prevent damage to the scalp caused by chemical treatments and heat styling. Talk about an all-in-one solution.

2. Having a poor diet

Just like how your diet impacts your skin, it also affects your hair and scalp. Though fast food and instant meals are undeniably addictive, they are often packed with saturated fats, processed carbohydrates, and sodium — which can damage your hair by hindering the transport of oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles. If you’re struggling with dull, damaged or frizzy hair, consider cutting down on these foods.

Other small changes to your diet can also improve your hair condition. Consider drinking more water or adding even more nutrient-dense foods into each meal — such as nuts, avocados, and citrus fruits. 

3. Overexposure to sunlight

Healthy hair strands are naturally coated with a layer of oil that locks in moisture and hydration. Under the sun, this layer begins to break down, causing your hair to dry out. 

If your hair is coloured, you’ll want to be even more careful when going outdoors. FYI, coloured hair is more susceptible to sun damage since it’s often already dehydrated from colour treatments.

To protect your hair from harmful UV rays, try covering your head with a hat or an umbrella. After a long day outdoors, you should also treat your hair to some nourishment with hair masks or conditioners.

4. Neglecting the scalp by not using scalp care products that deter redness and tenderness

More often than not, dull, damaged or frizzy hair is the result of a lack of scalp care — which means that whatever hair products you use will be ineffective if they do not tackle your scalp issues as well. These can range from itchiness and clogged hair follicles to a lack of circulation. FYI, your scalp ages six times faster than your face and 12 times faster than your body. *gasps*

Consider adding scalp care products into your beauty routine. Chemical treatments like perming and bleaching also irritate and damage the scalp, so you may want to get them less frequently. 

5. Aggressively brushing your hair

Surprisingly, the way you brush or comb your hair can drastically affect its condition. Tangled hair is frustrating — I get it. But, aggressively brushing to break up knots can do more harm than good; it can break off the ends of your hair.

Instead, it’s important to brush while your hair is still wet to minimise the risk of breakage. Brush twice a day to stimulate oil production and blood circulation in the scalp to keep your hair moisturised. 

6. Heat damage from styling tools

Heat protectant is a must, especially if you curl or straighten your hair every day. In case you didn’t know, heat is one of the biggest causes of dry and frizzy hair. When you apply heat to your hair, you’re damaging the proteins in it, causing it to become brittle.

When using a hairdryer, opt to use it on the coolest setting. Heatless curls have also been on the rise. Instead of a curling iron, check out hair rollers or satin headbands. 

7. Tying your hair too tightly or using hair elastics

With Singapore getting hotter, it’s no surprise that more of us are starting to sport ponytails on a day-to-day basis. While there’s nothing wrong with tying your hair up, note that subjecting your hair to tight hairstyles or using elastic bands can lead to hair breakage. 

To prevent these issues, try hairstyles that do not pull on the hair and scalp — like braids or a low bun. Scrunchies and spiral hair ties are also great alternatives to elastic bands. 

It’s Time To Step Up Your Hair Care Game By Prioritising Your Scalp

With the above tips, you’re now better equipped with knowledge on how to prevent dull, damaged or frizzy hair. If you’re looking for products that can care for both your hair and scalp at the same time, check out PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s new RES range of products that seek to restore dry, damaged and chemically-treated hair, while also promoting scalp healing from damage caused by colouring and styling.

Start your hair care routine right with RES Prep-Treatment Capsules. Break open a capsule in your hand and apply the oil from the middle to the ends of your hair. Leave the treatment on for five to ten minutes before washing it off. Besides being a pre-shower treatment, the capsules can also be mixed in with your conditioner or hair mask for an elevated hydration boost. 

The argan and sunflower oils in each capsule revive hair bonds, treat split ends, and add shine to each strand of hair. As a cherry on top, the capsules also contain prickly pear extract, which helps to retain your hair’s moisture barrier.

Follow up with the sulphate-free RES Repair Shampoo which is formulated with ceramides and amino acids. While these ingredients are renowned for their moisturising and plumping effects in skincare, they also protect and fortify your hair from within. This helps promote overall hair health and resilience, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair that is less susceptible to damage from styling or environmental stressors. Slay tbh.

Good news for those who struggle with dry hair from chemical treatments — the RES Repair Conditioner is able to moisturise and protect your hair from further damage. Not to mention, it can also restore colour vibrancy and shine in colour-treated hair, helping your hair colour last longer.

If you have not gotten into the habit of using hair masks, this is your sign to do so. Unlike most hair masks that focus solely on the hair ends, the RES Recovery Hair & Scalp Mask can also be applied directly to the scalp for immediate benefits. 

On top of soothing scalp sensitivity caused by irritants during chemical treatments, it also protects your hair from environmental damage. Additionally, the mask is perfect for those with frizzy hair — since it contains grape seed oil which softens hair cuticles. The best part? You’ll notice shinier and silkier hair with just one use. 

Say Goodbye To Dull, Frizzy Or Damaged Hair With PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s All-New RES Range

It’s never too late to start taking care of your scalp and restoring your dull, damaged or frizzy hair. To do so, you’ll need nourishing products like those in PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s new RES range.

Starting out with treatment services initially, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has now developed a homecare range that utilises the same advanced technology and blend of ingredients as their salon treatments, delivering vibrant results at home.

With decades of research under their belt, PHS HAIRSCIENCE is tailored to address any scalp or hair concerns you might have, easing your worries for a healthier and happier you.

Head over to their website or their official Shopee store to shop the products that suit your hair care needs best.

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Photography by Pei Yee Lee.
This post was sponsored by PHS HAIRSCIENCE.