IKEA Bag Hacks

When Singaporeans think IKEA, we think meatballs, S$0.50 ice-cream, ‘free’ pencils, and carrying our shopping in the iconic blue and yellow IKEA FRAKTA plastic bag.

But instead of accumulating bags on every trip to the home furnishing store, a bride named Tina has found a brilliant use for the carrier: to hold up her white mermaid wedding gown so she could comfortably use the toilet without fear of getting it dirtied.


In her contribution piece to IKEA hackers, Tina explained how she was “really worried about going to the bathroom and not being able to handle myself”. To ease her fears, she created her “0.80 euro bridal bathroom helper” in three minutes with an IKEA bag and a pair of scissors.


With this ingenious DIY hack, future brides all over no longer have to deliberate whether to hold their pee in or deal with the hassle of keeping their white dresses spotless while going to the loo.

And even if you’re not married, wearing a big, poofy dress to prom or any other special event is no longer as daunting.

We can only imagine Rihanna would have killed for this hack at the 2017 Met Gala


The best part? The IKEA bag costs only S$0.90.

Now go forth and PIP (Pee In Peace)!

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