Pandora Bubble Tea Dangle Charm

Fans of Pandora are no stranger to the jewellery brand’s collaborations with all-time favourite characters from Disney and Star Wars. But this time, they’re dropping a dangle charm replicating one of Singaporeans’ favourite drinks, bubble tea. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a hardcore BBT fan, the new Pandora charm will no doubt pique your interest.  

The charm

From artisanal tea to refreshing creative blends, the variety of BBT available has definitely expanded over time. But for those who prefer to stick to the old-school menu aka milk tea with pearls, Pandora’s Murano Glass Bubble Tea Dangle Charm might just be for you. 

Crafted with Murano glass, the charm mimics a cup of black milk tea thanks to the brown to white gradient. Of course, you won’t miss out on the black dots at the base either, which resemble the chewy and soft tapioca pearls. 

Notice how the top part of the charm ‒ made from sterling silver ‒ is crafted as if the overflowing milk foam surrounds the thick BBT straw. You’ll also find Pandora’s logo at the base of the “cup”. 

Pandora Bubble Tea Dangle Charm

Similar to other Pandora charms, you can string it through any bracelet or necklace to wear it as a wrist charm or pendant respectively. What’s more, Pandora also has a bag charm holder so you can hook it as a bag accessory instead.  

No matter which way you wish to wear the charm, it would make a subtle fashion statement to your OOTD. 

This Bubble Tea Dangle Charm From Pandora Is An Adorable Way To Express Your Love For BBT

On days when you feel a lil’ guilty from drinking too much BBT, perhaps the Pandora Murano Glass Bubble Tea Dangle Charm would satisfy your craving instead. You can even surprise a friend who is a BBT fan with the charm which retails at $99. It is now available at all Pandora outlets and on Pandora’s official website.  

All images courtesy of Pandora. 

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