Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, singles might be dreading the annual reminder of their relationship status. However, if the only “men” that you care about are ramen, online store Noodies offers quirky instant noodle-themed accessories and lifestyle items that are tasteful additions to your everyday life. 


Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise 

They said food will never betray you, so why fall in love with anything else? This Valentine’s Day, spread the love you have for instant noodles by wearing these realistic-looking Slurp Loops Earrings. 

Designed to resemble actual instant noodles, these earrings are approximately 7cm long and are sure to turn heads. 

The Slurp Loops Earrings retail at $60. 

Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise 

Some Singaporeans like to addliaoto their instant noodles, like shrimps, hard-boiled eggs, and vegetables, to make their meal a lil’ more filling. You can do the same with these Savory Noodle Hair Clips, which add a dose of cuteness to your outfit. 

Choose from various designs like sliced chilli padi, ikan bilis, and strands of noodles. 

Each Savory Noodle Hair Clip retails at $11.50. 


Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise 

Homeowners would know the importance of having an eye-catching centrepiece in their living space, and if you’re looking for one, consider this quirky Instant Noodle Lamp. The design cleverly features an inverted cup of instant noodles, with strands of the noodles dangling out, giving off warm, orange light when switched on. 

The Instant Noodle Lamp retails at $150. 


Attending tufting workshops to make your own rug is quite the trend, but if you’re lacking in the creative department, we’ve got you covered. Enter these delicious-looking tufted ramen rugs that feature “ingredients” like cha shu and seaweed. 

What’s unique about these rugs is that they come in different shapes, adding dimension to your room.

Each tufted ramen rug retails at $300. 


The Noodle Print Shirt and Pants are another way to express your love for instant noodles. Standing out with motifs of a rooster and plant, the off-white outfit also showcases strands of noodles that run across the shoulders. 

Wear this ensemble for any casual occasion, whether it is a quick run to a nearby coffee shop or lounging at home. 

Alternatively, this Noodle Print Shirt and Pants crow for attention with unique motifs of roosters eating noodles ‒ one of them even shows a rooster sitting in a bowl of noodles with yellow eggs. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that the buttons are shaped after roosters, making it an un-fowl-gettable fashion piece. 

Each set of Noodle Print Shirt and Pants retails at $50. 


Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise 

Puffer bags are trendy RN, but who knows – this Lenticular Noodleverse Bag might become the next big thing. Available in two designs, the bags are assembled using lenticular cards, featuring a yellow chain that allows you to wear it as a shoulder bag. 

Given its spacious storage space, the bag allows you to carry essentials such as an umbrella, wallet and tissue packets. 

Each Lenticular Noodleverse Bag retails at $88. 

Add These Unique Instant Noodle-Themed Merchandise To Your Everyday Life

For the unacquainted, Noodies is a collaboration between Singapore event space Eat Snake and marketing agency Goodstuph. Thanks to them, you can now purchase these creative instant noodle-themed merchandise for yourself or as a gift for that instant noodle-lover friend of yours on Noodies’ official website.

All images courtesy of Noodies. 

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