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Hair Hack Tools

The Japanese are known for some of the wackiest beauty inventions in the world—glasses that give you double eyelids, mini umbrellas for your shoes and nose clips that’ll “train” your nose to be sharper.

Among these inventions, we picked five hair tools that are practical for daily hairdos, affordable and can be easily found in Singapore.



For fuss-free curls without heat 

Where to buy: Qoo10, SGD$9.89 (free shipping) and aLT-BHG, SGD$11.90


Use these tiny curlers before going to bed and wake up to gorgeous curls.

An instant bob without cutting your hair

Where to Buy: aLT-BHG, SGD$9.90


Besides using this nifty tool to create a faux bob, you can also use it to create an effortless half up, half down boho-chic updo.

A swirly pin to replace multiple bobby pins for several looks

Where to buy: Qoo10, SGD$2.60/2 Pins (incl. shipping) and BHG, SGD$11.90/3 pins


Throwing your hair into a bun, taming messy flyaways, there are tons of ways to use these convenient swirls.

A clip that helps you get a French braid that stays all day long

Where to buy: Qoo10, SGD$17.39 (free shipping) and aLT-BHG, SGD$14.90


For those who struggle with weaving hair together to get that girl-next-door look.

A hair brush that curls your hair

Where to buy: Qoo10, SGD$18.80 (incl. shipping) and aLT-BHG, SGD$23.90


This tool isn’t the medieval torture device that it looks like. It’s actually a brush that gives you bomb ass twirls as you dry your tresses with a hairdryer. Alternatively, you can use it to achieve that salon blowout look.

Hair Styling Tricks

We may suffer from frizzy and poofy hair ‘because of Singapore’s humidity but that doesn’t mean we’ve got to look like this:


*Disclaimer: aLT-BHG is available exclusively at 5 BHG stores—BHG Bugis, BHG Choa Chu Kang, BHG Bishan, BHG Tampines, BHG Clementi