Jennie Possibly Leaving Blackpink

If you’ve been following Blackpink ever since they debuted like me, you might want to sit down for this. There have been rumours going around that Jennie will leave Blackpink after their Encore concerts this year.

With these rumours, Blackpink stans and even casual listeners are curious about the fate of the other members and the K-pop group. Also newsflash, another member might not be renewing their contract either.  

The rumours

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According to Weibo, Jennie reportedly will terminate her contract with YG Entertainment and will leave shortly after the Encore concerts in August. Like her 2019 single “Solo”, the singer seems to be striking out on her own. 

The rumours might also be filled by the star being booked and busy recently.  She launched a collaboration with Calvin Klein, appeared in an acting role in The Idol, and is speculated to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Some BLINKs have also speculated that this could be the reason for her “sub-par” performances as of late. 

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On another note, there has been some buzz about Lisa not renewing her contract as well. YG Entertainment is still in discussion with Lisa about the group’s future although she reportedly has intentions to leave. 

Meanwhile, Rosé is “confirmed” to be signed on with Black Label while Jisoo will either continue with YG or join Rosé in the same company. ICYMI, Black Label is an associate company of YG and is home to artists such as BigBang’s Taeyang and Jeon Somi. The members really said “As If It’s Your Last” ― cue the waterworks. 

The “Jennie Leaving Blackpink” Rumours Leave The Future Of The K-Pop Group Unknown 

Blackpink might have revolutionised the K-pop scene but whether these rumours are true or to be shut down, we can only wish the best for all of the members and hope they release a few more songs before their departure.  

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