Joel Choo’s Pokémon Brooch

Over the years, Singaporeans have become more creative when it comes to tying the knot. From holding the ceremony at unconventional locations like Ya Kun Kaya Toast Cafe to sending a wedding invite to the President, there are many ways to make your special day extra memorable and fun.  

Adding to this list is Singapore actor Joel Choo, who wedded his partner of 10 years in December 2023, and made his wedding more “him” by gifting his groomsmen matching Pokémon brooches.

The brooch

For the unacquainted, Joel Choo is a huge Pokémon fan, and he previously caught the attention of many Singaporeans when he walked the Stars Awards 2023 red carpet with his Pokémon card. More recently, he again showed his love for the Japanese franchie during his wedding day, and surprised his groomsmen with boxes of matching Pokémon brooches. 


The fun wedding idea was Joel’s brainchild, and each Pokémon brooch was adorned with additional flowers and decorations, which made the experience even more special. Given Joel’s role as the “main character” of the wedding, one of his groomsmen helped him to pin a kawaii Pikachu brooch onto his suit. 

Joel Choo Pokémon BroochSource

Joel also returned the favour by helping pin their respective Pokémon brooches onto their suits, as if embodying the iconic line from the anime series “I choose you”. 

Considering how he had five groomsmen, their Pokémon brooches featured different characters like Snorlax, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, and Psyduck. 


After watching his TikTok video about the Pokémon brooches, many users were amused by his creative idea, and were inspired to incorporate something similar into their future weddings. 

Joel Choo Pokémon BroochSource

When asked where they could also get them, Joel replied that he bought them on Taobao. After a quick search on the e-commerce app, we managed to find similar ones, with prices starting from RMB$59 (~S$11.09). 

Joel Choo Pokémon BroochSource

Besides brooches, one Taobao store also offers matching Pokémon wrist corsages. This means that couples who are both Pokémon fans can switch things up during their wedding by opting for these instead of traditional fresh flower corsages. 

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