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You may have noticed that in recent years, numerous Korean entertainment companies have held auditions in Singapore, eagerly searching for the next big star. Most notably, the agency behind the successful K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty recently extended its reach to our Little Red Dot.

Not only did three Singaporeans make it to the finals in Bangkok, but one of them also managed to secure a coveted K-pop trainee contract. Meet Joye Cai, the 16-year-old Singaporean who is now officially a K-pop trainee. 

1. She studies at SJI International 


Currently enrolled at SJI International, Joye is a Secondary 4 student who is part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. She mentioned in interviews with various media outlets that she spends her after-school hours practising dance, averaging about 4 hours a day. 

Thanks to her hard work and dedication to becoming a K-pop idol, she is now a step closer to making her dream come true. 

2. Auditioned to be part of Fifty Fifty

Joye Cai FactsJoye on the right during the finals of the Fifty Fifty audition

For the unacquainted, Fifty Fifty is a K-pop girl group who gained international fame thanks to their hit song ‘Cupid’ ‒ you’ve probably heard it on the radio or when scrolling through TikTok. However, due to contract disputes, the four-member girl group now only has one member remaining, and their agency is seeking new faces to debut in the next generation of Fifty Fifty.  

When it was announced that Fifty Fifty’s agency would be holding an audition in Singapore, Joye didn’t miss the opportunity to pursue her dream as a K-pop idol. She competed against 120 Singaporeans, and emerged as one of the three finalists who later participated in the grand finals in Bangkok in early March 2024. 

Fun fact: Joye was the youngest Singaporean to compete in the audition. 

3. Received a trainee contract from Evergreen Group

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Although Joye didn’t secure a spot in Fifty Fifty, she received a K-pop trainee contract from Evergreen Group, one of Attrakt’s investors. This means she will have the chance to undergo singing, dancing, and rapping training with the hopes of debuting as a K-pop idol in South Korea. 

4. Set to debut in a K-pop group in two years’ time


All K-pop idols undergo training before making their debut, so it is not surprising that Joye will be doing the same. While it remains uncertain when Joye will make her debut, Evergreen Group plans to debut her in a girl group within two years. 

Fingers crossed that we will hear good news from Joye soon. 

5. Will be relocating to Seoul in June 2024

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With a tight timeline on hand, things are moving fast for Joye ‒ it was reported that she will be relocating to South Korea in June 2024. This means she has only a few months left in Singapore to prepare for her life-changing moment and temporarily bid farewell to her loved ones. 

6. Has the support from her family to pursue her dream


For most people, it isn’t easy to have their parents support their dream of becoming a K-pop idol, but Joye is fortunate to have hers fully behind her. 

While her mother was initially hesitant about letting her leave for South Korea, she mentioned in an interview that she’d rather have Joye take the risk of becoming a K-pop trainee than hold her back from pursuing a future she might enjoy more. 

7. Her mother is a socialite

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While all eyes are on Joye for receiving a K-pop trainee contract, her mother Milona Xia has also received attention from the public as a socialite. The 37-year-old is a patron of a law foundation, and has appeared on ICON Singapore, where she discussed her relationship with luxury jewellery brand Bvlgari. 

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8. She accepted the trainee contract after attending Taylor Swift concert 


Joye was among the many Singaporeans who attended the recent Taylor Swift concerts, and it was during that moment that she decided to accept the K-pop trainee contract. Inspired by the impressive performances by the pop singer, Joye made a mental note to herself that she’d be on stage in five years. 

Previously, she had been worried about receiving her family’s support in pursuing her dream and the uncertainty of debuting as a K-pop idol. 

9. Her mother wishes her to continue her studies at Hanlim Arts High School 

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Despite supporting Joye’s pursuit of her dream to become a K-pop idol in South Korea, Joye’s mother also wishes for her to continue her studies. She hopes that Joye will be able to enter the prestigious art school in South Korea, Hanlim Arts High School, which boasts famous K-pop idol alumni like Cha Eun Woo and New Jeans’ Minji. 

10. She has a birthmark on her face 

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Everyone is born differently ‒ some of us have birthmarks while others have moles on different parts of their body. Joye shared on her Instagram that she actually has a birthmark on her left cheek. 

Since these features make us unique individuals, it is not surprising that Joye has also wholeheartedly embraced her birthmark . 

11. Is close to Rurusama 

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Surprisingly, Joye is close to Singaporean cosplayer Rurusama, and the two have been noticed for their adorable relationship. Joye shared photos of them together on her Instagram story, and even wrote a caption in Chinese that Rurusama is her “wifey”.  

While we are unsure how the two met, fans of both are surely hoping for a potential collaboration in the future. 

12. She is a serial concertgoer

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As a K-pop fan herself, Joye has attended many concerts, including those of K-pop groups IVE and ENHYPEN. She also enjoys other genres of music such as Mandopop and Pop, and has even managed to secure a front-row ticket for one of the concerts.

13. She fractured her finger before 

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Injuries can happen to anyone from time to time, and it seems that Joye once fractured her finger. Although she didn’t share how she sustained the injury, it must have been a painful and scary experience.

14. Her favourite colour is pink 

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Pink is Joye’s favourite colour, and she shared this fun fact with her Instagram followers during a Q&A session. Among her many pink items, we spotted a matching pink Hermes bag and ring with her mother. 

15. MBTI is INTP


MBTI is one of the most popular personality quizzes, and Joye shared during a Q&A session on her Instagram that hers is INTP. 

According to 16Personalities, INTPs “enjoy taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life.” Perhaps this might just explain why Joye is committed to carving her own path as a K-pop idol. 

These Facts About Joye Cai Show That She Is A Hardworking Teenager Who Never Backs Down

Dreams are meant to be pursued, and it is inspiring to see that Joye is working hard and going the extra mile to become a K-pop idol. Hopefully, with this new opportunity as a K-pop trainee, she will get to embark on a life-changing journey and make Singapore proud. Wishing her all the best in South Korea!

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