Kakao Friends x Chums 

Late last year, 7-Eleven Singapore released Kakao Friends plates that served us with just the right amount of zing. It’s time to refresh your collection with these Kakao Friends x Chums camping items, which have been spruced up with help from Ryan, Apeach, Choonsik and the rest of the gang.

From foldable chairs and light-up water bottles, to even a mini grill pan, the items in this collection will help you get your inner explorer on – whether your camping plans are at the beach or just in your very own living room. 

Foldable chairs 

foldable chair kakao

Available in 3 designs, these foldable camping chairs are themed after the 3 Kakao buddies, Ryan, Apeach and Choonsik. When folded, the chairs easily fit into a carry bag, so you can bring it with you to wherever your wanderlust takes you. 

Foldable table 

picnic table

If you want to take your adventuring to the next level, why not pair the chairs with this foldable table so you can relax under the sun for the whole day. Of the 2 designs, the white version features Ryan and his pet cat Choonsik, both clad in explorer gear.

The other design showcases Apeach, Ryan and Tube all cheerfully gathered around their tent, enjoying the fresh air outdoors – just like you can IRL. 

Metal cups 

kakao-friends-chums cups

Whether it’s hot cocoa or iced tea you’re craving, these stainless steel metal cups should do the trick to keep them at your ideal temperature. There are 5 different options for the cups – purple with Choonsik, green with Ryan, yellow with Tube, Orange with Apeach and finally a red cup featuring the Chums’ brand logo, a penguin. 

Metal plates

diveded plate

If you agree that plates with divided sections always seem 10 times cooler, then these stainless steel combination plates will definitely be right up your alley.  

The plates come in 5 different designs, with the various Kakao Friends faces printed on the separate compartments. You can even consider bringing them along to BBQs, for when you want to portion out all your grills. 

Foldable cart 


The idea of having to lug around many things often makes us reconsider our little camping adventures. However, this foldable cart might just be the solution for that. Now, you can just plop all you need into the cart and wheel the items to wherever you’re going. 

For the design, the orange cart has the Kakao Friends sitting around a campfire, depicted on the front. When you’re done using the cart, just fold and stash it away until your next adventure.  

Stackable lunch boxes 


Next on the list of items is this stackable lunch box set that allows you to pack whatever snacks you want out with you for your trip. The set includes 3 different sizes of the steel lunch boxes – the largest one in orange with Ryan, the medium-sized lunch box in pink with Apeach and the final, smallest one in red with the Chums logo. 

Additionally, the lunch boxes are a great way for you to keep leftovers from a BBQ or steamboat, so they don’t go to waste. 

Light-up water bottle

light-up bottle

When camping, less is more, and this 2-in-1 water bottle will help you cut the load of items you need to pack for your trip. The bottle is available in red and orange, both with a light attached to the bottom of the lid. When the light is switched on, whatever drink you’ve got inside the bottle will glow and brighten up the place. 

The best part – there’s a solar panel attached to the top so even when you’ve forgotten to charge it, the light will still power on. 

Multi-use food containers 


These orange and red food containers can help you pack your cereal or drinks. The top of the containers have spouts, making it easy for you to pour out whatever is inside, without the chance of spilling. 

Pancake grill pan

kakao friends pancake pan

Who doesn’t love pancakes in the morning? This mini grill pan lets you make pancakes with an imprint of Ryan on the top. The small size of the pan also makes it easy for you to carry around, so you can pack it along on trips to make some hotcakes over an open campfire flame.

Cork mat 


After you’re done cooking with the pan from before, you can set it down on this Ryan cork mat so that you don’t leave any marks on the table or countertop. The cork mat can alternatively be used as a display piece to add to your wall decor. 


kakao friends bag

Aside from the camping items, the collection also features these 2 bags that you can get as a gift to match with your bestie. The bag comes in 2 colours, either in pink with Apeach embroidered on or black with Ryan and his explorer hat. 

Pillows & blankets


The final items in the collection are these Kakao friends pillow and blanket sets – you can take your pick of Choonsik, Apeach or Ryan and snuggle up with the pillow version of them, each complete with snazzy hats. 

The fleece blankets in the sets also have prints of the Kakao Friends patterned alongside the Chums logo as well. 

This Kakao Friends x Chums Camping Collection Will Have You Feeling Energized & Ready To Explore The Outdoors 

All the items in the collection can be redeemed via a point system from 7-Eleven Taiwan, but are currently not available in Singapore. Alternatively, you can check out the Chums website for similar camping items. 

All images courtesy of 7-Eleven 

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