Kate Spade Christmas Collection

You can never go wrong with pizza – they make the perfect go-to food for parties or a snuggly movie date with bae at home. Giving pizza lovers the chance to express their passion, there are now pizza-inspired fashion items from Kate Spade’s Christmas collection. From pizza bags to pizza earrings, find out more about these novelty items. 

Crossbody bag

Everyone has their own favourite pizza of choice, but judging from the design that Kate Spade went with for this crossbody bag, it seems like they’re fans of pepperoni pizza. 

Kate Spade Christmas Collection

This 3D Pizza Crossbody Bag features a slice of “pizza” covered by “pepperoni” and “cheese”, made from sequins and embellishments respectively. Attached to the edges of the “crust” is a metal chain that allows you to carry the bag across your shoulders.

Kate Spade Christmas Collection

As the bag is around the size of a plate, it comes with enough storage to keep essentials like money and a hand sanitiser. The zipper above the “crust” will also keep your belongings safe. 

Make this your next favourite bag to carry when you catch up with friends over actual pizza. 

The 3D Pizza Crossbody Bag retails at ¥55,000 (~S$652.75). 

Card case

Going cashless is the trend these days and most of the time, you only need to have a couple of cards to get around. This Pizza Card Case is perfect to keep your cards organised.

Kate Spade Christmas Collection

Unlike the crossbody bag, the card case comes in a black rectangular shape with a similar pizza design that stands out thanks to its shiny sequin material. It also has a zip so you can be sure that none of your cards will go missing. 

The Pizza card case retails at ¥20,900 (~S$248). 


Get a more whimsical look when you accessorise a pair of pizza earrings. They are bound to be the talk of the town when you show them off by tucking your hair behind your ears.

The first pair is a set of hoop earrings with a couple of pizza slices gone from the pan.

They are made with a golden “crust”, and there are red heart and round shaped gems that act as the toppings. On days when you want the focus of your OOTD to be near your face, make sure to wear this pair of earrings. 

For more subtle ways to express your love for pizza, there are also other designs like the Pizza Drop Earrings and Pizza Studs. 

From left: Pizza Drop Earrings, Pizza Studs

The former pair comes with a red heart gem that is surrounded by a golden frame. Below, it is connected to a slice of “pizza” decorated with small red embellishments with tiny hoops. 

Instead of dangly earrings, you can also opt for the Pizza Studs which feature the design of a pizza slice. As the earrings are secured with the studs at the back, you can be sure that they won’t fall off your ears easily. 

The Pizza Drop Earrings retails at  ¥13,200 (~S$156.70) and the Pizza Studs retails at ¥11,000 (~S$130.55). 


If you can’t get enough food-inspired designs from Kate Spade, there are also other novelty items found outside the collection like this hot dog bun coin purse, card case and purse.

Kate Spade Christmas CollectionSource

Instead of fumbling for your loose change, separate them by keeping them in this adorable On A Roll 3D Hot Dog Coin Purse.

The coin purse is shaped literally like a hot dog bun, and it is made from smooth Nappa leather to give it an elegant finish. But before you get to use it, you have to flip it around to find the zip. There is also an extra keychain for you to attach it to your bag.

The On A Roll 3D Hot Dog Coin Purse retails at ¥17,600 (~S$208.90).

From left: On A Roll Small Slim Bifold Wallet, On A Roll Cardholder

More of the hot dog bun design can also be found on their On A Roll Small Slim Bifold Wallet and On A Roll Cardholder. Both of them have a beige base and there are also white gems scattered on them that give the extra bling. 

The On A Roll Small Slim Bifold Wallet retails at ¥22,000 (~S$261.10) and the On A Roll Cardholder retails at ¥12,100 (~S$143.60).

Make These Pizza-Inspired Kate Spade Fashion Items A Slice Of Your Life

You can now spice up your fashion game with these Kate Spade pizza-themed fashion items when you attend a year-end gathering. While the Christmas collection will drop in early December, they are unfortunately only available for those residing in Japan for now. This means you might want to search for freight forwarding companies that ship them to Singapore. 

For more information about the collection, visit Kate Spade’s official website.

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All images courtesy of Kate Spade.

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