K-Dramas With Breakup Scenes

Happy endings are what most people expect from K-dramas, but many series also have breakup scenes that cause viewers to bawl their eyes out. Whether you’re going through a heartbreak yourself or not, below are nine K-dramas with notable separation scenes that will make your heart wrench.


1. Start-Up (2020) ‒ Netflix

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As the saying goes: “If you love someone, let them go”. Seo Dalmi decided that it was best for her to break up with Nam Dosan because she wanted him to chase his dreams instead. In order for her to end things “cleanly”, she said things she didn’t mean to Dosan, and acted as the villain in the relationship. What’s worse – she also knew that it was Dosan’s birthday. 

Despite putting up a strong front while walking away, Dalmi couldn’t control her tears and revealed to viewers just how much she was in pain too. 

2. Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) ‒ Netflix


What’s so memorable about the breakup scene between Na Heedo and Yi Jin in Twenty-Five Twenty-One is the fact that it shows viewers the ugly reality of relationships. Despite spending their youth together, Heedo and Yi Jin decided to part ways for the sake of their future, suggesting that not all long relationships guarantee a fairytale-like ending.

In the final scene, Jin helped Heedo to tie her shoelaces with tears in his eyes before he was overwhelmed with his own emotions. Perhaps because both of them knew that their relationship was coming to an end, they embraced each other as lovers for the last time. 

If that’s not a tear-jerker, I’m not sure what is. 

3. Crash Landing On You (2019) ‒ Netflix


It was plain cruel to watch Captain Ri and Yoon Seri fall in love with one another, only to be separated eventually. 

As a TL;DR for those who didn’t catch the series, Captain Ri is from North Korea, and Seri is from South Korea. They had to return to their respective home country, and while they were about to do so, Seri couldn’t control her feelings for Captain Ri and ran toward him. 

Since it was dangerous for Seri to cross the border of North and South Korea, Captain Ri shouted at her to stop running, but only to also sprint to her. Eventually, they said their goodbyes reluctantly in tears with Captain Ri assuring Seri that everything would be alright. 

4. Lovestruck In The City (2020) ‒ Netflix

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Self-love plays a surprisingly huge role in a relationship ‒ without it, you can’t expect to form a true bond with your partner while underestimating the love you deserve.  

Lee Euno decided to put a stop to her relationship with Park Jaewon after figuring out that she needed to love herself first in order to find her true self. By reconsidering her priorities, she concluded that it wasn’t fair to keep Jaewon waiting. Rather than being sad over the end of their relationship, Euno stayed positive by assuring Jaewon that she would take good care of herself. 

Although the breakup took place over the phone, viewers could feel just how sincere and desperate Jaewon sounded in an attempt to win Euno back.   

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5. A Korean Odyssey (2018) ‒ Netflix

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Imagine the pain of losing your loved one for a second time. Son Ogong was unable to save the love of his life, as Jin Sunmi sacrificed herself to save the world. As Ogong embraced Sunmi in his arms, the latter spoke her final words and apologised to him before she eventually bid farewell to the world. 

The most heartbreaking part? Ogong called out Sunmi’s name over and over again in tears.   

6. Fight For My Way (2017) ‒ Netflix

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Although Kim Jooman and Baek Seolhee were not the main characters in Fight For My Way, their breakup was definitely hard to watch. Their 6-year relationship was put to test, especially after Jooman unintentionally slept at a colleague’s house, who had been expressing interest in him. 

Jooman knew that he was in the wrong, and no matter how hard he tried to change Seolhee’s mind, nothing worked. Seolhee also put up a strong face and told him that it was “all on you to be regretful”. 

7. Goblin (2016) ‒ Viu


Knowing that your loved one has sacrificed his life for you, only for him to disappear into thin air, is probably the worst thing anyone can experience. Ji Euntak was devastated when she realised that even though Kim Shin was free from the sword and finally at peace, he would no longer be part of her life. 

Helpless and flustered by what was happening, Euntak was crying and shouting Shin’s name in a desperate attempt to bring him back. 

8. My Roommate Is A Gumiho (2021) ‒ Netflix

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It is never easy loving a supernatural being, especially if he is a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox like Shin Wooyeo. Leedam gave up her love for Wooyeo after realising that he was harming others in order to protect her. Not to mention, Wooyeo also lied and made use of her. 

As much as Leedam wanted to stay in a relationship with him, she couldn’t overlook the way he betrayed her. She let go of Wooyeo’s hands and looked at him with teary eyes before telling him that things had to come to an end – which also left us grasping for the nearest tissue box. 

9. Forecasting Love and Weather ‒ Netflix


You know things are going to get dramatic when a couple breaks up in the pouring rain. Lee Siwoo decided to drop the bomb on Jin Hakyung after realising that he deserved so much more in their relationship. It was obvious that Hakyung hadn’t quite moved on from her ex, and Siwoo was also hurt by how she brought his estranged father to Jeju Island.  

While I won’t say that I was surprised by the outcome, it was deserving for Hakyung to get a taste of her medicine when Siwoo walked away from her after saying his piece. 

These K-drama Breakup Scenes Show That There Will Always Be Ups & Downs In A Relationship 

While most K-drama fans will always hope for a happy ending for their favourite characters, we have to accept the fact that not all relationships are smooth sailing. There will always be ups and downs and hopefully, through these K-dramas, they teach us a few things about relationships IRL. 

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