Iconic K-drama Wedding Scenes

If romantic gestures from K-dramas like Crash Landing On You and Goblin got you hooked on this TV genre, chances are you’ve witnessed a wedding scene or two.

From tear-jerking ones to those that caused you to LOL, these 15 K-dramas have memorable wedding scenes that will make you laugh and cry.


1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim ‒ Netflix (2018)

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K-drama fans aren’t likely to get over the wedding scene of Lee Youngjoon and Kim Miso any time soon as it was grand, gorgeous, and romantic AF ‒ the clip of this even racked up more than 6.5 million views on YouTube

When the two kissed after becoming an officially wedded couple, the curtains behind them opened up on cue and revealed a beautiful water fountain. As they also invited their families and colleagues, the wedding ceremony was filled with blessings from their guests.  

Many fans commented that they teared up when they kissed, and some even shared that they love the chemistry between the actors. 

2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ‒ Netflix (2021)


After “running” away from their kaypoh neighbours, Yoon Hyejin and Hong Dusik finally got to hold their private wedding ceremony on top of a hill. They took photos in front of a boat named after Dusik’s grandmother and promised to treat each other well… before they were interrupted by work calls. 

While it might be their special day, both of them were dedicated to their jobs and decided to cut short their wedding in order to help out the villagers. 

3. True Beauty ‒ Viu (2020)

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Although Im Heekyung and Han Junwoo might not be the main characters in True Beauty, the development of their relationship was very memorable. As a woman myself, it was also empowering to see Heekyung taking the lead in the relationship, a refreshing change to typical storylines where the man usually takes charge. 

Fast forward to their wedding day, Heekyung accidentally had her head stuck in a frame and because of time constraints, she had no choice but to walk down the aisle in that state. The amusing situation had their guests looking confused, but they nonetheless blessed the lovebirds for their lovely marriage. 

4. Penthouse Season 2 ‒ Viu (2021)

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For a serious K-drama that revolves around revenge like The Penthouse Season 2, no one expected the wedding between Cheon Seojin and Joo Dantae to turn out rather hilarious. 

Their outdoor wedding was interrupted by a helicopter, which landed a few feet away from their set-up. Guests tried to fight against the strong wind and some even fell onto the floor. Dantae even had to hold Seojin so she wouldn’t be swept away too. Iconic. 

5. Remarriage & Desires ‒ Netflix (2022)

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It is never easy letting go of someone you love. Cha Seokjin became the bigger man when he realised that Seo Hyeseung was better off with Lee Hyeongjoo, stepping down from his place as a groom-to-be and allowing Hyeongjoo to take his place at the altar. 

Rather than tying the knot with an extravagant wedding, theirs was kept simple as only their close family members attended. After all, I doubt they wanted any unnecessary attention after a hell of a time they went through earlier.  

6. Flower of Evil ‒ Netflix (2020)

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Unfortunately, not every relationship is approved by parents just like how it was for Baek Heesung and Cha Jiwon. When they were taking their wedding photoshoot, Jiwon voiced her concern about his parents not attending the wedding, but Heesung’s answer assured her that things would turn out fine. 

He mentioned sweetly that a wedding ceremony was just a formality and if his parents won’t be attending, they could always hold a second wedding. As not everyone knows how to deal with a situation like this, Heesung’s way of assuring Jiwon was definitely thoughtful and came with a sense of humour. 

7. Tale of the Nine Tailed ‒ Netflix (2020)


Getting married to a mythical creature is not something you commonly see in a K-drama. In Tale of the Nine Tailed, Lee Yeon and Nam Jia finally got married after going through hardships that involved demons, supernatural beings, and of course, nine tail foxes. 

They celebrated the union of their love by having a small wedding in the middle of a meadow, where the wind blew and caused leaves to fall down from the trees to create a romantic moment. 

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8. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol ‒ Netflix (2020)


You know those cliche moments in a K-drama where the male lead “steals” the female lead away from her wedding? Yup, there’s one from Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. Goo Rara was about to get married to Cha Eunseok when Sunwoo Joon crashed the wedding by barging into the church. FYI, it was Joon’s second time crashing Rara’s wedding. 

As if it wasn’t dramatic enough, the scene continued with Joon grabbing Rara’s wrist and running away from the church. 

9. Start-Up ‒ Netflix (2020)

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It is never easy for a couple to work as business partners, but Nam Dosan and Seo Dalmi proved that it is possible in Start-Up. 

While the drama didn’t show their actual wedding ceremony, Dosan and Dalmi’s wedding photo could be seen when a scene transited to the current day after Dalmi said that she would marry Dosan if they won a business bid. With that scene, it appeared that they managed to secure an opportunity to grow their business and move forward with the next step in their relationship. 

10. Angel’s Last Mission: Love ‒ Netflix (2019)


The best kind of love is when you fall in love with someone unexpectedly ‒ this was exactly the case with Dan and Lee Yeonseo. Dan was an angel who was tasked to find love for a cold-hearted ballerina Yeonseo who became blind, but along the way, he ended up falling for her and went through life-threatening obstacles in order to be together. 

When they finally got married, the ceremony was simple yet so beautiful because it depicted the pure love between the two. As if the heavens also accepted their marriage, the wind blew when the two kissed, and even the vows they wrote for each other “disappeared” into thin air.

11. Youth of May ‒ Netflix (2021)

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Set in the period when South Korea experienced the Gwangju Uprising, Youth of May showed how Kim Myeonghee and Hwang Heetae found love despite the unfortunate happenings. Although the two didn’t officially tie the knot, they held a mock wedding ceremony in a church while sharing the vows they wrote for each other. 

The scene was a moment to remember as little did anyone expect that it would be the only time we saw them as a “wedded couple”.  

12. 18 Again ‒ Netflix (2020)

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Taking things for granted can take away your joy as shown in 18 Again, a drama inspired by the Hollywood movie 17 Again. 

When Hong Daeyoung returned to his 18-year-old self, he went through a series of events and eventually understood the reason behind his family’s crumbling relationship. He only returned to his original self after making things right and most importantly, he fought for his ex-wife Jung Dajung’s love again

Thankfully, the two decided to get married a second time, and viewers were assured that Daeyoung will not screw up this time.  

13. Once Again ‒ Netflix (2020)


You know that a tear-jerking scene is coming when the bride’s father gives a speech during a wedding. 

When Song Youngdal blessed his daughter Song Dahee with a handwritten letter, the latter couldn’t help but feel touched because of the rough times she had been through. Her first marriage was annulled on the wedding night and later on, she tried so hard to gain Youngdal’s approval with Jaesuk, her husband-to-be.  

What’s so special about this scene was that it touched on not just romantic relationships, but also the reality of marrying into a family and treating them like your own. 

14. The Law Cafe ‒ Viu (2022)


The bad thing about holding an outdoor wedding is that you never know when it is going to rain. As seen in the wedding of Kim Jungho and Kim Yoori, they encountered a typhoon during their big day. Despite the bad weather, they carried on with their wedding with the vows they prepared for each other, and even shared their heartfelt feelings. 

While some guests tried to hide from the strong wind by heading indoors, they eventually returned and snapped a lovely group photo with the newlyweds in the middle of the rain. 

15. Welcome to Wedding Hell ‒ Netflix (2022)


Every relationship has its own ups and downs, and for long-term couples, the latter might be losing the spark that keeps the relationship going. While preparing for their wedding, Seo Junhyung and Kim Naeun, both in their 30s, began to wonder if getting married was what they wanted in life ‒ Naeun was getting “bored” and Junhyung also noticed how stagnant their relationship became. 

Fortunately, they managed to overcome the slump and got married together with their close friends and families in attendance. The positive outcome supports the saying that goes “when there’s a will, there is a way”, and I love how Naeun and Junhyung did not give up on each other.    

These K-dramas With Iconic Wedding Scenes Show That Not Every Wedding Goes According To Plan

K-dramas are known for their dramatic plots and overly-exaggerated romantic gestures, but it is those that have us viewers hooked. NGL, the same goes for their wedding scenes, and we love all of them whether they are unrealistic or hilarious. After all, we want to see our favourite characters get together and live happily ever after. 

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