Laifen Swift SE Hair Dryer

With the season of gift giving coming right up, it’s about time to start searching for the perfect gift to treat our loved ones to. And for those who are playing Secret Santa as a yearly tradition, you’ll understand the struggle of not getting a wish list for your reference until the very last moment — why do our friends torture us this way?

Not to worry if you’re still scrambling for last minute gifts — here’s a gift idea that’s both practical and chio: Laifen’s high speed hair dryer. Available in four pastel colours, it can quickly dry without damaging hair, so we’re certain it’ll be a pleasant surprise for anyone of any age.

The hairdryer

Laifen Hair Dryer

Admit it — many of us are guilty of air drying our hair or using a slow and heavy hair dryer.

But leaving your hair wet isn’t healthy for your scalp, as it results in an over production of oil. Luckily, the Laifen hair dryer is known for its fast drying capabilities, with a 105,000 RPM, high-speed brushless motor. These numbers aren’t just for show, as it’s actually five times faster than traditional hair dryers.

According to Laifen, the hair dryer is able to dry short hair in just 1 minute, shoulder-length hair in 3 minutes and waist-length hair in 5 minutes. Now you don’t have any excuse to slack off on your post-shower self-care routine.

Most girls know the feeling of your hair becoming “cui” and textureless after blow-drying. But you won’t need to worry about that with this product. Instead of higher temperatures, the Laifen hair dryer comes with higher speeds to avoid causing heat damage.

And exclusive to Laifen products is the temperature light ring on the back, which comes in different colours to inform users of the temperature with just a glance. Users will be easily able to identify blue for cool wind, orange for warm wind, red for hot wind and purple for an alternating cool-hot cycle.

Laifen Hair Dryer

Higher speeds doesn’t always mean louder noise either. For those who enjoy partying till late on the weekends, rest assured that you won’t have to disrupt your family members’ beauty sleep after getting home and washing up. 

The Laifen hair dryer operates at just 59 dBs. For your reference, two people having a normal conversation with a metre’s distance between them only measures in at 60 dBs.

With the hot and humid weather all year round in Singapore, it’s common for us to experience dry and frizzy hair. Other than applying hair care products to tame your mane, the Laifen hair dryer also uses 200 million negative ions to neutralise the static electricity between the hair scales and the hair to lock in moisture and provide a natural shine with no frizz. 

Weighing in at only 407g, the hair dryer is lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to carry with you, especially when you’re travelling. 

Laifen’s High Speed Hair Dryer Will Get You Ready For Date Nights Under 5 Mins

Laifen Hair DryerSource

Whether it’s for your secret santee, an upcoming birthday present for a bestie or an anniversary gift for bae, the Laifen hair dryer comes in four chio pastel colours to suit different preferences: pink, white, purple and blue. 

The hair dryers are available at $149 each on Laifen’s Shopee and Lazada from 12 to 14 December 2023, and includes a smooth nozzle as a freebie. For those who missed out on this promo, you also can use the code “LAIFENZUL” or a Lazada coupon to get a $20 voucher, exclusively for ZULA followers. 

So the next time you’re stuck in the dilemma of gift-buying, perhaps it’s time to treat your loved ones to a practical hair dryer that they can enjoy using every day.

Find out more about the Laifen Swift SE High Speed Hair Dryer here!

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Photography by Shawn Low.