Braided Hair Bracelet

To be a hopeless romantic is to be courageously cringe sometimes, especially when it comes to expressing your love to the one. ICYMI, a new trend has popped up on TikTok where couples and besties are braiding their hair together to make matching bracelets and rings as a symbol of undying love and friendship. 

If this appeals to your inner romantic, you can now enjoy this free service at all Chow Tai Seng Jewellery stores across Singapore.

The service


While the idea may put some people off, there’s actually a cultural significance to it dating back to ancient China. The belief is, the act of tying a couple’s hair together will keep them connected to each other for all time. 

My guess is whoever you give this unorthodox gift to gotta be ride or die.


Scepticism aside, the whole process is actually quite meaningful, especially when given as a gift. Plus, it being free, think of it as a casual present you and bae get to have since it’s Christmas time.

Whether for your BF or BFF, wearing matching braided hair bracelets is no different to getting matching tattoos if you ask me. Sure, it’s a beautiful declaration of love, but hair also holds DNA, so just be sure the partner you’re giving it to has nothing but good vibes and positive energy.

Get Free Braided Hair Bracelets To Symbolise True Love & Friendship

To get this free service, follow Chow Tai Seng Jewellery on TikTok, and enquire for it at any of their physical stores across Singapore. They will also be opening a new outlet in Takashimaya early in 2024. 

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