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Levi’s Pride Collection

In the lead up to Pride Month, which takes place every June, Levi’s is celebrating LGBTQIA+ by dropping a new genderless Pride Collection. Inspired by the Queer Liberation Movement of the ‘60s, the collection features a range of apparel that are size-inclusive. From a lace-up corset to a vintage wash jacket, the new drop has what you need this summer to support the community with style.   


This collection features non-denim apparel like T-shirts, crop tops, tanks, and sweaters that are genderless, and come in a range of sizes to fit one and all. 

Levi’s Pride Collection

Show your support for LGBTQIA+ rights with this crop top, which reads “Live your truth” on the front, and “Let my people love!” on the back. Not only does the slogan suggest that everyone deserves to love equally, it also proves that anyone can rock a crop top.   

Levi’s Pride Collection

We get sweater weather in Singapore pretty frequently these days, thanks to global warming. Suitable for a snuggly day at home, this sweater might be the one to have on hand. The minimalist design features Levi’s sports logo between two lines in the pride rainbow, situated on the left chest.   

Levi’s Pride Collection

Just like how this tank reads “We are all magical beings” on the back, everyone is indeed unique and special in their own way. Believe in your own worth, and never let anyone put you down.  

Equality will indeed never go out of style, as mentioned on the front of this T-shirt, alongside motifs of flowers and hearts. Also featuring the milestones of the community, the back of the T-shirt celebrates pride with a list of achievements. 

As the only denim accessory in the collection, the lace-up corset is an example of how the brand advocates gender-fluid fashion. With buttons on the front, the corset doubles as an edgy accessory for extra oomph.


Stay warm and stylish with this vintage wash denim jacket, embroidered on the back with  “Let us love” in psychedelic threads. Sending a message that everyone deserves love, the jacket also has shank buttons for a well-suited fit. 


Levi’s Pride Collection

Inspired to create fashion pieces that emphasise femininity while incorporating masculinity, the skirt features intricate pleat details that bring to mind kilts. Plus, it also has cheery beaded strings on the belt loop for an adorable touch. 

Otherwise, make this pair of white shorts, that can be worn both indoors and outdoors, the latest addition to your wardrobe. 

Levi’s Pride Collection

Closing in on the details, the drawstrings come in a rainbow-hued twist, and the shorts also have “Equality never goes out of style” emblazoned on the left thigh.   

The Levi’s Pride Collection Is One Way To Show Support For The LGBTQIA+ Community

In support of the Pride Collection, Levi’s makes an annual donation of USD$100,000 (~S$135,000) to OutRightAction International – a leading organisation dedicated to advocating human rights for the LGBTQIA+ community all over the world. 

Apart from the above-mentioned apparel, the collection will expand to include other pieces over time. The collection is available for purchase on 22 April 2022 in the U.S. and Japan through Levi’s official website. In the meantime, interested peeps might need to source freight forwarders that ship to Singapore, and hopefully, the collection will soon make its way here.

All images courtesy of Levi’s

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