Masturbation In Singapore 

Singaporeans have always been hush-hush around topics like sex and masturbation, but there is no denying that the lack of conversations stems from our society, be it at home or in school. 

To raise awareness and provide more dialogues about these topics, global sex toy brand Womanizer recently announced this year’s National Equal Masturbation Day, which draws attention to the masturbation gap of 74% between Singaporean women and men.

National Equal Masturbation Day

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Yes, you didn’t read it wrong ‒ National Equal Masturbation Day is a legit day thanks to a research conducted by Womanizer with 22,315 participants from Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, among other countries. 

The National Equal Masturbation Day is calculated based on the date that women first masturbated in a year. Unlike men who have been pleasuring themselves since the beginning, the difference in the date shows the masturbation gap. 

FYI, Singapore’s National Equal Masturbation Day 2022 falls on 27 September 2022, coming in last compared to other countries, which also reveals a masturbation gap between women and men to be 74%. 

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The following data may or may not surprise you ‒ Singaporean females masturbate 34 times whereas males masturbate 129 times on average per year. To break it down further, females pleasure themselves about 0.6 times a week, and men do it 2.5 times a week. 

However, looking at the data from previous years, women in Singapore have been pleasuring themselves significantly more. 2 years back, National Equal Masturbation Day 2020 fell on 15 October. Good job, my fellow ladies. 

Lack of sex education in school

Apart from just kaypohing how often people masturbate, the research also dug deeper into the participants’ knowledge of sex education. The result showed the majority of their knowledge was unfortunately limited to contraception, pregnancy, and the reproductive organs.  

As a way to broaden them, 31% of the participants mentioned that they want to learn more about pleasure and how to start conversations about sex. 20% were also interested in gaining more knowledge on self-love and masturbation.

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While society allows more discussions on masturbation, participants also feel that more of such topics should be encouraged not only at school, but also at home. 36% of the participants believe that parents should take the initiative and talk to their children about masturbation when they are around 13 years old.

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On the other hand, 18% still think that parents should avoid talking to their children about self-pleasuring completely. The result is not surprising since more than 50% of the participants also revealed that they had to deal with questions on masturbation alone and approach it through trial and error. 

Plus, 20% of the participants pointed out that they have also learned about sex by watching porn, which is often a misleading source. 

National Equal Masturbation Day Is A Way To Raise Awareness Of Self-Pleasure For Females

With self-love highly emphasised these days, there is no shame in giving yourself a lil’ TLC. After all, masturbation is proven to benefit your body in various ways like reducing stress and helping you sleep better. 

For more information about the research, visit Womanizer’s official website

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