SG Girls On Realising Their Mothers Are Getting Old

As the saying goes: Mama knows best. Many of us rely on our mums for just about everything. From material needs like putting food on the table (be it figuratively or literally) or emotional support such as providing life advice, mothers are constantly giving to their children. However, there will come a time in most people’s lives when they realise that their mum is growing old. 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we invited 6 girls to share the moment when they realised their mothers are getting old, and how they came to cherish their mums more as a result. 

1. Feeling her mum’s rough hands made her realise she was ageing 

mothers getting old moment

Image courtesy of Nicole Yong 

“My mum has slight eczema on her hands and has had rough hands for as long as I can remember. Over time, from washing dishes and doing other household chores, they’ve continued to crack and bleed. 

Even though I’m now an adult, since I was a kid, whenever I mention that I have a stomach ache or cramps, my mum always offers to rub medicated oil on my stomach to make me feel better. When she did it recently, I realised that her hands have gotten even worse. 

Feeling her hands so rough and worn out made me realise she’s always been doing so much for the family. Thinking about my mum ageing made me very afraid of losing her some day. 

My mum has always been my best friend and I rely on her a lot. So, cherishing her more is about maintaining a close relationship. I’ve been making an effort to go to my mum’s room to talk to her for an hour about anything and everything. 

I hope that we can continue to be this close, as being with her puts me at ease and I always look forward to spending alone time with her.”
Nicole Yong

2. The moment came when her mother started talking about the afterlife

mothers getting old graduation

Image courtesy of Yeow Jia Yi 

“About 5 years ago, my mother suddenly started talking about finding a resting place for her and my father. It struck me that my parents are getting to the age where they have to start planning for a time when they can’t take care of themselves and even their afterlives.

I’m glad that my mother shared her opinions on this because it sort of prepares my brother and I for the future. But at the same time, it’s sad to think that my parents are getting older and knowing that we will lose them.

My mother and I have clashing personalities. Both of us can get hot-headed at times. But as I grow older and realise that my mother is ageing, I try to control my temper more and solve conflicts by talking rather than arguing. 

I used to be very opposed to the idea of sharing my bad days with her because I was afraid that she would be worried. Nowadays, I try to be open about my feelings, so that we can understand each other better.”
Yeow Jia Yi 

3. She was surprised when reminded of her mum’s age 

mothers getting old realisation

Image courtesy of Pepita Hope Wauran

“I forgot what we were conversing about exactly, but my mum mentioned her age and I was surprised that she’s not that young anymore. It’s not something I register in my mind when I look at her because she’s active, leads a healthy lifestyle and is young at heart.

As someone who’s quite avoidant, I didn’t allow myself to process it. I don’t know how I’d feel thinking about her not being in this world with me.  

My mum and I have always been close. But in recent years, we have gotten to a point where we understand each other on top of that closeness. Appreciating my mother comes a lot more naturally now. I think it comes with maturity; I’ve started to put my parents before myself, because I know how much they did for me growing up. 

Whenever something happens in my life, my mum is the first person I want to share it with. She is also opening up to me, and sharing more personal matters as well. It’s not something everyone gets to experience in life, and I’m very grateful to have a mother who doubles up as my best friend.”
—Pepita Hope Wauran

4. Her mum’s mild stroke came as a rude awakening  

Image courtesy of Pamela Tan 

“My mother suffered a mild stroke in 2015. My siblings and I were taken by surprise because she has always been the pillar of strength for our family. It was the pivotal moment when we realised she is not invincible. 

While the stroke was mild, it did impact some of her motor functions. She had difficulty eating, showering and walking at first. That was when I knew she had really aged, all while taking care of everyone around her.

Her stroke made me realise that our time with her is finite and yet there is still so much that I have yet to experience with her: Places and activities we have yet to explore, or even just stories that I have yet to hear; and it made me want to spend more quality time with her. 

It may sound simple, but I check in with her a lot more now. We text more, and share more of our thoughts and feelings. We go on walks together too, partly to exercise her weaker leg, but also to spend time with each other. Along the way, we’ve gained a better understanding of each other, our motivations and our stresses.”
Pamela Tan 

5. She knew her mum was getting old after seeing her with white hair

Chiara shooting a video with her mum

“As a working mum, my mum has always kept up her appearance with trendy clothes and dyed hair. During the Circuit Breaker, there was no need to dye her hair, and there was an inch of her real hair colour at the roots. It was platinum white. 

My teenage years were spent rebelling against my mum. We have very different values, personalities and ways of handling money. But as I grew older, it became clear that she just wanted the best for me; to do well academically for a more cushy life in the future, to save for rainy days.

I’ve realised that I wasn’t the best child to her. Even though she could have delivered her intentions in a better way, I know they are not from a bad place but a place of love. I’m not saying that we are BFFs. But instead of tolerating her, I understand her better. 

As I’m financially independent now, I try to pay on dates with her and throw birthday celebrations for her. As much I can, I try to be some form of emotional support to her. Essentially, to celebrate and include her in my life more.”
Chiara Ang 

6. She found out while planning a family vacation

Image courtesy of Joyce Cheo

“Three years ago, my family was planning for a vacation a few months after my mum had undergone an operation. It wasn’t a life-threatening condition but it made my brother and I a lot more aware of her age as we were planning our itinerary. We had to factor in constant rest breaks and ensure we did not pack too many destinations into one day so it wouldn’t be too taxing on her. It made us realise that we have to do more when it comes to taking care of her. 

It was a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, we were glad that we have the ability to take care of our mother. But on the other hand, the fact that she actually requires our care also means she’s getting older.  

Now, I try to remind myself to be more patient with her, although I’m not always successful. I also try to do little things like buy her food I know she enjoys or bring her to restaurants she likes.”
Joyce Cheo 

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