Mr World Singapore 2022 Winners

Unlike Miss Universe Singapore, male pageants are not as commonly heard of in our country. While these pageants essentially still look out for both wit and beauty, they are also a platform for participants to share meaningful stories of themselves to inspire others.

The Mr World Singapore pageant recently wrapped up on 8 September 2022, where finalists vied for the titles like Mr World Singapore, Mr Grand Singapore, and Man Of The World Singapore. Read on to find out who are the fresh faces that won these categories, and will be representing our country on an international scale.

Mr World Singapore 2022 

“Changing Lives” was this year’s theme for Mr World Singapore 2022 and out of 100 candidates, 25 finalists were selected by the organiser Beam Artistes. 


The coronation night of Mr World Singapore 2022 took place on 8 September 2022, where the finalists competed in various performance challenges like singing, dancing, acting, and even mixed martial arts.  

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Of course, there was also the swimwear category where the finalists showed off their hot bods in red swimming trunks. 

As only four grand winners were selected at the end, it was no doubt a fierce competition among the talented dudes. 

The winners

Mr World Singapore 2022

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Taking home the title of Mr World Singapore 2022 was 24-year-old Joshua Hee, who is a senior at NTU majoring in mechanical engineering. According to his profile, Joshua is interested in pursuing a career related to crypto and finance. 

He is also a volunteer at Animal Lovers League which shows his interest in taking care and providing for sheltered animals. 

Mr World Singapore 2022 (Senior)

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FYI, there is also a senior category included for men who have passed the big 3-0 and wish to compete in Mr World Singapore. The title of Mr World Singapore 2022 (Senior) went to 34-year-old Umar Abdul Hamid

The healthcare policy specialist is a father of three and is dedicated to his role as a loving dad. Other than committing to his day job, he also makes the effort to exercise daily and does academic research to work on healthcare policies.

Mr Grand Singapore 2022

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A maritime studies graduate from NTU, 26-year-old Joel Chua received the title of Mr Grand Singapore 2022. He is currently a naval officer and is passionate about sports like swimming, canoeing, rugby, and also recently gained an interest in jiu-jitsu. 

This November 2022, Joel will be heading to Trinidad and Tobago to compete in the Mr Grand International contest. 

Man of the World Singapore 2022 

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Don’t be fooled by Tavis Lee aka Man of the World Singapore 2022’s chiselled figure as he has a soft spot when it comes to skincare. Currently, the 25-year-old is an e-commerce executive working in the beauty industry where he works on campaigns for a major skincare brand. 

Despite his sun-kissed appearance and goofy personality, Tavis confessed that he used to struggle with low self-esteem due to a birthmark on his cheek, which he had removed two years ago. Hopefully, through this pageant experience, he would be able to gain even more confidence in himself.  

Tavis will soon travel to the Philippines to compete in the 9th Annual Man of the World as Singapore’s representative. 

These Winners Of Mr World Singapore 2022 Are Inspirations To Others

Rather than celebrating masculinity, these winners of Mr World Singapore 2022 show that men can also have their vulnerable moments while breaking stereotypes of being a pageant participant. 

For those who wish to learn more about these winners, head over to Beam Search’s official Instagram

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