Miss Universe Singapore 2022 Finalists

After Nandita Banna made history for Singapore at the Miss Universe pageant last year, the expectations are high for this year’s Miss Universe Singapore finalists. ICYMI, Nandita was the first Singaporean in 34 years to make it to the Top 16 of Miss Universe 2021. 

For kaypoh Singaporeans who want to find out more about this year’s Top 10 finalists, read on for an introduction to the beautiful and intelligent hopefuls. 

1. Yvonne Sashirekha 


Occupation: Nurse 
Instagram: @yvonne.sash

Being bilingual is pretty common in Singapore, but it’s even more impressive if one of the languages is Dutch. Meet Yvonne Sashirekha, a Singaporean nurse who managed to learn the language in less than half a year when she was working in Belgium. 

According to her Instagram account, she previously modelled for a local athleisure brand The Fatpegasus, which contributes 5% of their sales to cancer-related organisations. 

2. Shien Tan

Miss Universe Singapore 2022 FinalistsSource

Occupation: Recent graduate and Assistant Treasurer for Taman Jurong Youth Network
Instagram: @baconandeggx

Shien Tan has both beauty and brains – she graduated top of her class in University and received the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal alongside being on the Dean’s List. Her first launch into the public eye was in The New Paper New Face competition in 2017, with her face splashed across two pages of a newspaper. 

3. Sara Yong 


Occupation: Legal associate 
Instagram: @sarayrm 

Many have the impression that legal associates are all work and no play, but Sara Yong is nothing like that ‒ she enjoys her free time shopping for secondhand fashion and doing sports like rollerblading and rock climbing. 

Some might also find Sara familiar as she appeared as a model for brands like Singapore Tourism Board and Shein. Based on her Instagram, Sara is also a huge cat lover. 

4. Priyanka Annuncia 

Miss Universe Singapore 2022 FinalistsSource

Occupation: Student and Entrepreneur
Instagram: @bodybypri

This isn’t the first time Priyanka Annuncia has participated in a beauty pageant, as she previously took part in Miss Supranational 2018 and was crowned Miss Supranational Congeniality. Apart from pursuing a degree in Business Law & Criminology currently, Priyanka spends her time working on her businesses, coaching as a fitness instructor and being a public speaking coach. 

5. Olivia Higgins

Miss Universe Singapore 2022 FinalistsSource

Occupation: Broadcast journalist  
Instagram: @dewicinta  

Since she was a child, Olivia Higgins was set on entering the fields of technology and futurism. Her dream came true as she is now a broadcast journalist who specialises in those industries. Other than appearing on TV, she also conducts her own podcast and live streams on Twitch. 

Olivia also has an international background as she is based in Singapore and Australia, and previously lived in Madrid and Los Angeles. 

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6. Delvina Katerina Luther


Occupation: Student  
Instagram: @katerina_delvina 

Delvina Katerina Luther is a pro at juggling her time as not only is she a volunteer at a hospital, but also a Sunday school teacher at her church. During her free time, she even practices yoga to keep fit.  

Currently a biomedical student, Delvina is also a model with years of experience. According to an Instagram post, she was scouted by an agency director while walking down Orchard Road when she was 14. 

7. Denissia Li Xia Delangle 


Occupation: Student  
Instagram: @deni_detangle 

Fuelled by her passion to help children with physical and mental disabilities, Denissia Li Xia Delangle isn’t your typical Singaporean girl. Currently, she is a student majoring in sociology and aims to pursue a double major in political science. 

According to her Instagram, Denissia also has modelling experience and is managed by the same agency that represents previous Miss Universe Singapore winner Nandita Banna. 

8. Carissa Yap

Miss Universe Singapore 2022 FinalistsSource

Occupation: Student  
Instagram: @ca.rissa 

Platforms like Miss Universe Singapore are excellent for people like Carissa Yap to step up and advocate for a cause. For her, she wishes to accomplish her dream of helping the unbanked community by coming up with financial solutions. Apart from finance, she also has a huge interest in environmental and societal causes.

At the moment, she is a business student from NUS and is active as a fashion-centric content creator as seen on her Instagram

9. Andrea Dias

Miss Universe Singapore 2022 FinalistsSource

Occupation: Student  
Instagram: @dipdyedrea

Andrea Dias might be a student who majors in hospitality, but she is also a model who has done stunning shoots as seen on her Instagram. Among her variety of interests, she has a passion for sustainability.  

P.S – Born to a Filipino mum and Eurasian dad, Andrea cites her mother as her biggest source of inspiration. 

10. Amira Yunos


Occupation: Recent graduate  
Instagram: @mirawaves

A recent alumni of communication studies from NTU, Amira Yunos is currently busy with not only the Miss Universe Singapore pageant but also undergoing an internship. Just a few years back, Amira won the High Distinction Award for the “Love @ the Gallery 2” poetry competition, impressing many with her creative work. 

That’s not all ‒ she is also a model who dares to experiment with various looks and styles, as seen on her Instagram page.

Look Out For More Information On The Miss Universe Singapore 2022 Competition 

As Miss Universe Singapore 2022 has only just introduced the Top 10 finalists, get to know more about them on their official Instagram. Similarly, as the official date for the final showdown has yet to be announced, be sure to show support to your favourite finalist and keep a lookout for who will take home the coveted crown. 

All images courtesy of @missuniverse.sg

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