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Whether you have unstable hands or lack the time and patience to wait for nail polish to dry, painting your nails at home can be quite a challenge. Manicures at the salon can add up too, which is why nail stickers are the answer to your woes. They’re fast, effortless and convenient, and come in all sorts of interesting designs. Here are 10 places where you can shop for nail stickers in Singapore, in order of lowest to highest price point.

1. Personail

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At $8.45 a pop, each pack of Personails nail stickers gets you a total of 16 wraps, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and application instructions. Opt for a simple glittery design or one with repeating geometric shapes for work-friendly nails. If you prefer something more statement-making, consider its more intricate designs, like the henna (left) or watermelon (right) nail wraps. 

This Sydney-based nail sticker brand can be purchased on the Naiise website and its stores islandwide. Orders under $60 are subject to a delivery fee of $4.90. You can also collect your stickers from the store itself on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Price: $8.45 for 16 nail wraps, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and application instructions
Website (Naiise) | Facebook | Instagram

2. Yay to Nails


If you’re into novelty or aesthetic designs, Yay to Nails might be your best bet. With over 7 categories of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find one for every occasion. Designs like Fire and Ice (left) and Monstera (right) look straight out of Pinterest while Hello Kitty (middle) aficionados will be pleased that they’ve got an adorable sticker set in honour of the feline superstar.

All orders automatically come with complimentary postage where your stickers will be mailed to your doorstep within 7 working days. Alternatively, you can top up $3.50 to receive your Yay to Nails nail stickers within 3 working days via registered postage. Meet-ups at Chinatown MRT station at 6.15pm on weekdays are also available but an arrangement must first be made via Instagram DM or email.

Price: $9.90 for 16 nail wraps, a nail file and a cuticle pusher
Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Happie


Most of Happie’s designs revolve around solid shades, glitter and overlays against a transparent background. Layer Sunkiss (left), for example, atop a millennial blue sticker or base polish and you can build the intensity of your look. If you’re looking for a versatile design that can double up as date-worthy nails, consider Simply Sparkle (right), a french manicure-inspired design in sparkly silver glitter.

You should receive your stickers within 5 working days with free regular postage or registered postage, charged at $3.50. Orders above $50 instantly qualify for free registered delivery.

Price: S$11.90 for 20 nail wraps and 1 mini nail file
Website | Facebook | Instagram



At, you’ll be treated to a wide variety of youthful, artsy and trendy designs. Take Lilac Romance (left) for instance, with abstract shapes in pastel shades that will appeal to any stylish millennial. Astrology and astronomy fans can wear the galaxy on your fingertips with Outerspace (right), an adorable illustration of the solar system.

Only registered delivery is available and a surcharge of $3.50 will be incurred for all orders under $50. Orders above $50 enjoy complimentary delivery. You should expect to receive your stickers within 3 working days.

Price: $12.90 for 16 nail wraps, 1 mini nail file, a cuticle pusher and instructions for application and removal
Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Gelato Factory

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With 22 nail stickers in a set, you’ll be able to get your mani done twice, for the price of one! Gelato Factory has produced over 200 designs. Its most unique of the lot has got to be the Mother of Pearl collection, where it has a total of 3 mother of pearl-inspired nail stickers in 3 gorgeous colours—blue, pink and orange.

The only gripe lies in its rather steep delivery fee of $6.50, though it fluctuates slightly according to the weight of the order and address of the recipient. Orders above $50 enjoy free delivery.

Price: $12.99 for 22 nail wraps
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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6. EMMEzing Nails


Elaborate marble and even batik designs are aplenty in EMMEzing Nails‘ catalogue of nail stickers in Singapore. The Singapore Girl (right) is one such batik design inspired by the sarong kebaya uniform worn by our world-renowned cabin crew. For something more eye-catching, Gold in the Deep Blue Sea (left) is a stunning marble-inspired manicure design. 

Its wraps range between $11.90 and $13.90, not inclusive of $0.50 regular postage (5-7 working days) or $3.50 express delivery (3-5 working days) fees. Purchase $30 or $50 worth of products and you can enjoy complimentary regular and express delivery respectively.

Price: Starts at $11.90 for 12 nail wraps, 1 nail file and instructions for application and removal
Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Nailsicle


Travel to the land of all things kawaii with these Harajuku-esque nails from Nailsicle. You’ll never fret about looking ‘dull’ or ‘basic’ with 15 designs boasting eccentric colour schemes and motifs. The Other Leopards (left) is a set of 20 wraps in different pastel shades, accented with loud leopard prints. Wearing Affection From Afar (right) will truly hit bae in the feels with the adorable pastel tones and explosion of hearts.

Nailsicle offers free worldwide shipping and delivery. Customers can expect to receive their stickers within 5 working days via regular postage.

Price: $14 for 20 nail wraps
Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Freshly Wrapped

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If your weekdays are all about the OL life, you can’t go wrong with Freshly Wrapped‘s office-appropriate nail wrap collections: Glitter, Solids and The Classics. For weekends, browse through its Nail Art collection. Two timeless designs include Blush Terrazzo (left), where beige terrazzo-inspired nails are accompanied by dusty blue accent nails, and Boho Chic (right), where geometric patterns are complemented by blue accent nails with a purple undertone.

A $3 and $9 delivery fee will be incurred for regular (within 4 working days) and express (within 2 working days) delivery respectively. Purchase in bulk and get your stickers delivered to you for free when you spend more than $60.

Price: $14.90 for 16 nail wraps, 1 nail file, a cuticle pusher and instructions for application and removal
Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Dashing Diva

dashing divaSource

Dashing Diva encourages users to customise their own manicure experience by typically including solid base shades and clear stickers with designs or motifs on them in its endless selection of nail stickers and false press-on nails. Peach Punch (left) comes with orange base stickers and glittery ones for you to layer over or wear alone. Its false press-on nails like Preppy Look (right) come in various lengths, colours and designs. You can get yourself a set of plain coloured ones and bedazzle your fingertips with other accessories like rhinestones and stickers.

Orders under $49 on Dashing Diva’s website are subject to a $3 registered delivery fee. They are also available at selected Sasa and Watsons outlets, and Takashimaya DS.

Price: From $11 for 30 nail wraps and 1 mini file and $12.50 for 30 pieces of press-on nails, 1 alcohol prep pad, a mini nail file and a cuticle pusher
Website | Facebook | Instagram

10. Nodspark


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Nodspark. Of its 12 categories (excluding those for kids), it is probably known best for its Bridal Party and Local Flavour collections. Cable Car (left) features Singapore’s iconic cable cars set against a pale blue sky with fluffy white clouds floating by. And if that’s not adorable enough, take a look at Sushi-holic (right), a set of adorable sushi illustrations that you can wear it on its own or against a solid base colour to make it stand out even more.

It is available at multiple stockists around Singapore. You can also get it online, but a delivery charge of $4 for regular delivery (within 4 days) or $6 for express delivery (within 2 days) applies. Orders over $50 will be delivered FOC. A third option is to collect your order yourself straight from its office.

Price: $15 for 16 nail wraps, 1 nail file, a cuticle pusher, instructions for application and removal
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Places To Get Nail Stickers In Singapore

There is no excuse for shoddy or bare nails no more. Regardless of the occasion, you’ll be able to find the perfect design with these 10 places to get nail stickers in Singapore. Go get glamorous!

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