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Pandora Spring Collection

When it comes to styling your clothes, you can never go wrong with adding accessories to complete your look. Pandora is one for always offering themed jewellery, from their recent Guardians of the Galaxy collection to their seasonal-based charms. 

Now, Pandora has a new Garden Stories-themed collection with ladybug and butterfly charms that you can consider purchasing for the upcoming Spring season. 


pandora spring collection charms 2

It’s not spring without catching a glimpse of pretty butterflies dancing around blooming flowers. Hang the rose gold butterfly charm on your bracelet, and watch the various pink and silver glittery stones sparkle under the light. Coming with a disc decorated with butterflies, the panel reads “one of a kind”. 

Even if you don’t like caterpillars, you have to admit that the pink charm on the right is adorable. Decorated with pink panels and two red dots in the middle, the caterpillar is curled up and will make for a cute addition to your “garden”. 

The Pink Butterfly & Quote Double Dangle Charm retails at $99 while the Cute Curled Caterpillar Charm retails at $59. 

pandora spring collection charms 5

The blue swallow charm on the left is dotted with blue gems, and has a disc that reads “time to fly” — perfect for free spirits out there. 

Opt for a girlier charm with the pink ladybug pendant. With its wings in pink and decorated with spots, the heart in the middle holds the wings together. Add this on a necklace to always bring nature around with you.

The Sparkling Sparrow & Quote Double Dangle Charm retails at $89 while the Pink Ladybird Pendant retails at $99. 

pandora spring collection charms 4

Give the impression of falling leaves when you hang this gold leaf charm on your bracelet. Its leaves are decorated with silver gems.

The charm on the right comes in silver, while the petals have a purple gradient. The middle of the flower is intricately detailed, giving the lifelike aspect to the charm. You can also get this in rose-gold as well, with pink petals. 

The Floating Curved Feather Dangle Charm retails at $99 while the Purple Daisy Dangle Charm retails at $89. 

pandora spring collection charms 6

On the other hand, there is also a silver and blue leaf you can opt for. It has a silver stem down the middle, while the front panels are decorated with the leaf’s veins.

The charm on the right is similarly designed to a red ladybug, with four black spots dotting the back. The rest of the body and charm are in silver. 

The Blue Curved Feather Charm retails at $69 while the Red Ladybird Dangle Charm retails at $99. 

pandora spring collection charms 3

Another butterfly design you can consider is this blue gradient charm, with a double disc that reads “one of a kind” at the back. Decorated with silver gems and butterfly wings, the charm serves as a reminder that you are special and there’s no one else who’s just like you. 

Don’t let the rain dampen your mood with this cloud charm. Embrace the weather with this blue gem-encrusted charm, featuring a silver cloud and three water droplets falling from it. Peek closely and you’ll find swallows etched in the design as well.

The Blue Butterfly & Quote Double Dangle Charm retails at $89 while the Cloud & Swallow Charm retails at $99. 

pandora spring collection charms 1

Add these chio charms to your collection for a girly vibe. On the left is a silver charm, with pink daisies on the top. You can also consider the gold openwork charm on the right, with tiny pink flowers spread around the charm. 

The Pink Daisy Spacer Clip Charm and the Openwork Pink Daisy Flower Chain retail at $89 each. 


pandora spring collection earrings 2

Match your charms with these blue earrings for a complete look. On the left are blue and silver pansy earrings, with the texture of the petals captured in the engraving of the earrings. Meanwhile, the sparrow stud earrings, similarly to the singular sparrow charm, are decorated with blue gems.

The Blue Pansy Flower Stud Earrings retail at $99 while the Sparkling Swallow Stud Earrings retail at $89.

pandora spring collection earrings 1

Stand out from the crowd with these blue pansy hoop earrings, encrusted with silver gems. You can even get this design as a necklace, for a matching OOTD.

Otherwise, you can also go for a purple pansy stud earring with a rose gold backing for a vibrant look. 

The Blue Pansy Flower Hoop Earrings and the Deep Purple Pansy Flower Stud Earrings retail at $129. 

pandora spring collection rings

My personal favourite from this collection has to be this pink daisy ring. It has a gold band and three pink flowers on the front of the ring, making this a perfect gift for your bestie. 

Similar to the purple pansy stud earrings, you can also accompany the set with the purple pansy ring, complete with a gold backing and silver gems. 

The Pink Daisy Flower Trio Ring retails at $159 while the Deep Purple Pansy Flower Ring retails at $149.

pandora spring collection bracelets

Hang all your charms on these snake chain bracelets. The left bracelet comes with a small daisy chain and the barrel has a daisy engraved on it as well. You can also choose the bracelet on the right, which has a silver butterfly in the centre. 

The Pandora Moments Daisy Flower Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet and the Pandora Moments Butterfly Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet retail at $149 each.

The Pandora Spring Collection Will Bring You Good Vibes & Warmth 

Even though Singapore doesn’t technically have seasons, this collection will definitely bring you the good vibes that come along with Spring. With vibrant flower and butterfly charms, you’ll have less of a reason to dread your day. 

Head over to Pandora’s website to purchase the collection. If you can’t decide which charm to buy, they also offer sets so you have more options to choose from. 

All images courtesy of Pandora

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