Pandora x Star Wars

Star Wars is a franchise loved by generations — from action-packed scenes to touching storylines, it’s evident why so many adore it. As an ode to the most iconic moments and characters of the film, Pandora now has 5 new charms, so you can carry the Star Wars magic with you, wherever you go. 

The charms include baby Grogu and a replica of the Death Star, which can be attached to different jewellery types and keychains. 

The charms

yoda charm

The first of the five is this Yoda dangle charm with 2 pendants attached — one captures Yoda with vines intertwined around him, while the other features a forest scene in emerald green with a tinge of blue swirled around the bottom. The forest should be familiar to fans as “Dagobah”, a planet filled with swamps and lush greenery. 

On the back of one of the dangles, there’s an engraving of the phrase “ Do. Or do not. There is no try.”, while “Jedi Master” is etched into the loop holding the 2 together. 

The Star Wars Yoda dangle charm is priced at $99.

han solo charm

The Han Solo & Leia charm portrays the iconic first kiss scene from “The Empire Strikes Back”. The detailing doesn’t leave out Leia’s braided updo and Han Solo’s signature collared jacket. Additionally, the back of the charm has a spaceship motif.  

Even the quotes from the scene are engraved into the sides — a great gift if you’re looking for a way to make your Star Wars-loving bae swoon.

The Star Wars Han Solo & Leia Kiss charm is priced at $69.

death star charm

Another piece available in this collection is the Death Star charm. This clip charm has the intricate details of a space station carved in, right down to the craters. Given that these structures are able to destroy Planet Earth, you might just feel its power when you wear it around your wrist or neck.  

The Star Wars Death Star clip charm is priced at $89.

battle ship charm

This Millennium Falcon Dangle Charm is loaded with bling, from a feature hand-finished in sterling silver and 14k gold-plated metal, to the shimmering jewels encrusted on the top. Along with the spaceship, the quote “Never Tell Me The Odds” is engraved onto the gold dangle. 

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon dangle charm is priced at $129.

grogu charm

And now for the crown jewel of this collection — little Grogu. The charm portrays the adorable green munchkin resting in a “floating” crib. His large black eyes and floppy ears give this piece an added “aww factor. 

The Star Wars Grogu & Crib charm is priced at $89. 

pandora x starwars

All the charms in this collection can be paired with bracelets, keychains and necklaces from Pandora. You can even match them with other Star Wars charms from the previous collection, available on their website

star wars x pandora

There’s even a special Star Wars bracelet which you can load up with a variety of charms and create a unique combination to keep or to gift to your Padawan.  

These Pandora x Star Wars Charms Will Leave You With Dreams Of A Galaxy Far, Far Away 

All the charms are available in stores and on the Pandora website. Get ready to feel the force awaken within you as you wear these charms and show off your love for Star Wars. 

All images courtesy of Pandora 

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