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Pandora x Winnie The Pooh

If there’s one Disney series that withstands the test of time, it’s got to be Winnie The Pooh, with countless collaborations including a kitchenware set with FairPrice. Good news for fans of the furry bear as Pandora is releasing a new collection that includes five new charms, featuring his friends like Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. 

Whether it is to expand your Winnie The Pooh collection or to get bae to pamper you with some new accessories, don’t miss out on this adorable collaboration. 

The charms

Unlike other bear characters out there, Winnie The Pooh is known for wearing his signature red T-shirt. And as expected, we see him wearing it in the 14k gold plated enamel charm. As if ready to dig into a honey pot, the charm also features him with one of his paws raised. 

The Winnie The Pooh charm retails at $129.

Piglet might be small in size but he has a big heart filled with joy. Made with 14k rose gold plating and transparent pink enamel, this Piglet charm looks as if he is about to break out a happy dance with a leg up in the air. 

Paying tribute to his springy tail, the Tigger charm features his tail wrapped around the sterling silver bail to form a loop which lets him dangle upside down. Plus, Pandora also highlights his stripes with the transparent orange enamel. 

The Piglet and Tigger charms retail at $99 and $89 respectively. 

Instead of its usual gloomy self, Eeyore is cheerful with a smile as seen on this sterling silver charm. Handcrafted into a sitting position, the Eeyore charm also has intricate details like stitchings and a pink bow on his tail which he often loses.   

The Eeyore charm retails at $89. 

Pandora x Winnie The Pooh

The close friendship of Winnie The Pooh and Piglet can be seen in the last charm, that comes with two heart-shaped pendants. 

The first has an engraving that reads “It’s not what we have but who we have” as a meaningful reminder for us to cherish our loved ones by our side. The next one shows the two besties walking hand in hand alongside details like motifs of flowers and bees. 

The Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Double Dangle Charm retails at $99.

Pandora x Winnie The Pooh

Like all Pandora charms, the ones from this collection can be strung through any bracelet or necklace so you can wear them as a wrist charm or pendant respectively.

The Pandora x Winnie The Pooh Collection Celebrates The Sweeter Things In Life 

The Pandora x Winnie The Pooh collection hits us all with childhood nostalgia, and it also reminds us to savour the sweet moments in our lives. Starting from 28 July 2022, the collection will be made available at any Pandora outlets as well as on Pandora’s official website

All images courtesy of Pandora. 

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