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It has been nearly two years since the last season of Bling Empire was released on Netflix. If you’ve been yearning to vicariously live the extravagant lifestyles of the wealthy once again, the streaming platform has a treat in store for you come 7 May 2024.

Titled Super Rich In Korea, the reality series features five individuals from different countries ‒ including one from Singapore ‒ all belonging to Korea’s richest 1%. Get to know more about the cast below. 

1. David Yong, 37 ‒ Singapore

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Instagram: @dynimm 

David Yong is no stranger to those who’ve been keeping up with K-pop ‒ he previously made headlines for investing $10.2 million in Attrakt, the company behind K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty. Notably, he entered the K-pop scene at the age of 35, collaborating with K-pop groups like Mamamoo and 4MEN. 

Beyond his role as an idol, David wears multiple hats. He oversees the business for Evergreen Group Holdings across countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. Additionally, leveraging on his law degree from the University of Bristol, he serves as a managing partner at YSL Legal LLP, a boutique law firm that specialises in civil and corporate law. 

According to a Netflix teaser, he owns a total of 11 luxury cars in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Cambodia.

More about his life and career can be found on his official website

2. Yoo Hee Ra, 25 ‒ Korea

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Instagram: @arenyoo 

Dubbed the Paris Hilton of South Korea, Yoo Hee Ra is an influencer with over 36,000 followers on Instagram. A quick glance at her social media account reveals photos taken with popular celebrities like Bruno Mars and Fan Bing Bing

In addition to her extensive network, Yoo Hee Ra serves as South Korea’s only high-end client ambassador, which explains her presence at various international fashion shows. In a video for ELLE Korea, she shares her thoughts on quiet luxury, describing them as practical items that complement her lifestyle. 

3. Anna Kim ‒ Pakistan

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Anna Kim has an interesting background ‒ she is a Pakistani royal who has spent her entire life in South Korea, only moving to Pakistan after marrying her Pakistani husband. During a Q&A session on her Instagram, she shared about her experience as a broadcaster and CEO of a trading company in South Korea. 

Thanks to her appearances on various Korean talk shows such as 77 Love, she has formed many connections with Korean music video directors and K-pop groups like Blitzers in Korean showbiz. 

Furthermore, Anna was also a Pakistani representative at the UN International Youth Day Peace Summit 2020, where she discussed topics on the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula. 

4. Teodoro Marani ‒ Italy

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Instagram: @teo_lomino 

Hailing from Italy, Teodoro Marani is heir to an Italian luxury brand empire, and the founder of Loop Innovators, a luxury food and beverage trading company. Based on the photos on his Instagram page, it is evident that he enjoys living in luxury ‒ be it lounging in an ocean villa in the Maldives, or watching the sunset in Tuscany. 

In spite of his affinity for luxury food, Teodoro finds pleasure in visiting local marketplaces such as the wet markets in Korea, often sharing posts on Instagram about gaining inspiration from these visits.

Before his appearance on this Netflix series, Teodoro also featured on various Korean shows such as Welcome, First Time in Korea.

5. Noor Naim, 27 ‒ Iraq


Instagram: @noorstars 

There are multiple tiers when it comes to ranking influencers, and Noor Naim has been granted the title of a super influencer. The reason? She is a popular YouTuber with over 20.7 million subscribers, and more than 14.6 million Instagram followers. Wow. 

Besides making it to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, she received the Content Creator of the Year 2023 Award at the Arab Woman Awards 2023, recognising the hard work she has put into creating unique content. Recently, she was also featured in Loreal Paris’ first-ever Ramadan 2024 campaign. 

Dive Into The Lives Of The Rich In Korea Through The Upcoming Netflix’s Super Rich In Korea


Mark your calendars: Super Rich In Korea will be screening on Netflix from 7 May 2024. Besides these five participants, broadcaster Jo Se Ho, GOT7’s Bam Bam, and OH MY GIRL’s Mimi will also be appearing on the show as hosts. 

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