Pizza Hut Mahjong Set

With recent mahjong collaborations from brands such as Coca Cola and McDonald’s, there’s no denying that the season of Chinese New Year is slowly dawning upon us. Adding onto the food-themed mahjong sets that we’ve been treated to, Pizza Hut Hong Kong now has a new unique set with fun pizza motifs.

The mahjong set

Pizza Hut Mahjong Set

The mahjong set is available in two cases — the red limited edition, which comes in a minimalist plain red design, and the classic limited edition, modelled after a cardboard pizza box. With this, now you can pretend to “serve” your guests a meal in the form of social gambling.

Pizza Hut Mahjong Set

In a traditional mahjong set, the tai tiles, which determine the amount of money you win, come in four animal and four flower designs. 

But the Pizza Hut mahjong set introduces a new twist to the tai tiles — designs of a pizza box, a pizza delivery rider, a bowl of salad and a chicken wing appear on these unique tiles. With these, we can’t blame you for wanting to, chi, aka “eat”, your opponents’ tiles during the game.

Pizza Hut Mahjong Set

The tong tiles, which are usually identifiable by their coin-shaped patterns, come in fun orange slices instead. The first tong tile is also marked with a singular circle inspired by Pizza Hut’s logo. 

All of the tiles from this mahjong set come with a translucent red bottom layer, adding to the festive mood for this auspicious season.

The mahjong set includes all the other tile essentials as well as the wind indicator and dice. These are decked in a vibrant red hue to represent Pizza Hut’s signature colour.

Impress Your Mahjong Kakis This CNY With The Pizza Hut Mahjong Set

The Pizza Hut mahjong set is only available at Pizza Hut stores in Hong Kong at HKD$888(~SGD$152.19) per set. Travellers to Hong Kong can order the set via their website — we’re keeping our fingers crossed that these will reach our Pizza Hut stores in Singapore too. 

All images courtesy of Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

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