Falling In Love With My Primary School Crush

You never forget your primary school crush. Maybe he or she was some kid who always looked roughed up after recess. Or a quiet girl you noticed at silent reading time whose eyes brightened as she sat engrossed in her copy of Geronimo Stilton.

For me, he was a pretty boy named Daniel, who sat two seats away in Primary 3. He had dimples beneath his baby fat, and seemed to be friends with everyone but me. I willed for him to start a conversation, because God knows I didn’t have the guts to do it.

primary school crush photo

For 4 years, I quietly crushed on Daniel. I protested whenever my friends teased me in front of him, when in hindsight they were being great wingmen. By the time PSLE results were out, he had disappeared from the face of the earth and I had lost my chance to confess.

Of course, this was normal, and I forgot about him quickly as I started secondary school. People hardly ever get fairy-tale endings, least of all with some superficial primary school crush.

But little did I know, luckand Singapore’s tiny geographical sizehad something in store for me.

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Reconnecting with my primary school crush on a dating app

Fast forward 10 years, I’m much more of a go-getter than I was in primary school. Instead of waiting for suitors to come to me, I avidly sought them out through Tinder. However, my patience wore thin and after 2 years of disappointing results, I was faced with the infamous dating app fatigue.

I was all ready to uninstall the app once and for all, when suddenly a profile popped up that made me choke on air.

There he was, same eyes, same smileexcept now his dimples are gone because there isn’t any fat to indent upon. In its place is a well-defined jaw, which was honestly what kicked in my swipe-right instinct before I could even register his identity.

When “It’s a match!” flashed on the screen, my heart dropped to my stomach in a way it hadn’t in a while. My initial shock was replaced by a single thought: I would not let him get away this time.

Our text conversations started out chill, with me feigning a casual, “Oh I remember you” facade as I continued to screech like a chimpanzee at every notification. We flirted, and it felt like the past few years I spent on dating apps had all been in preparation for this moment.

And then I went in for the kill:

primary school crush crop

Proud of myself for finally making the confession I’d dreamed about all those years ago, I hardly even considered what his response would be. Fortunately, it exceeded all expectations.

This was it. Everything in the past decade of my life has brought me to this moment. Despite how cheesy it sounds, I was giddy. Butterflies that had been in hibernation for 10 years found their way back to my stomach. I felt like a little girl again, experiencing love for the first time.

It didn’t take long for us to plan our first date, and then many subsequent dates after that.

Lucky in love

As the months went by and the novelty of dating my childhood crush wore off, we learned more about each other. I realised the lucky part was not us meeting again but that we actually clicked.

People change drastically in 10 years, sometimes for the worse. For all I knew, my first love could have turned out to be an F-boy. But luckily, the boy I knew grew up to be considerate, funny and only occasionally annoying. We share similar views about the world and we both love to hate-watch Riverdale.

When I was 10, I may have thrown the word ‘love’ about too easily, scribbling “I love Daniel” all over my diaries and notebooks. But now, seeing the people we have both become, I finally mean it.

primary school crush love

Lucky in love

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My Primary School Crush And I Got A Second Chance At First Love

Maybe sometimes there are fairy-tale endings, I don’t know. What I do know is that we need to be the ones to chase after them, and find happiness for ourselves. Because no matter what our relationship status, we all deserve to sparkle, both inside and out. My younger self would be so proud.

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Photography by Sebastian Tan

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