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Princess Syndrome

The modern Singaporean woman has high standards, but sometimes a heightened sense of entitlement develops into the not-so-charming Princess Syndrome (PS).

What it is: Sky high expectations and unrealistic ideals that result in the mindset that everyone has to give them what they want. NOW. Hmph.

Here are some telltale signs to spot the girls plagued with PS:

1. Always fussing, “dying”, or “melting”

They’ll fuss over their food, squad, hair, Instagram filter, weather, outfit, job, 50th #OOTD shot, and the list goes on. In fact, they can’t risk melting in the sun or “dying” after a 10m marathon so the only physically-demanding activity they do is shopping.

Princesses never want to break a sweat, both figuratively, and literally. They want to be excused for their preferences and to be treated as ‘VVIPs’ all the time. They don’t do a lot of things for themselves because they’re spoilt and are used to every peasant around them being at their beck and call.

2. Whines incessantly

When she doesn’t get her way, or the spotlight isn’t shining brightly on her, a princess will whine. And she’ll whine and complain until someone appeases her. If not, you’ll have to deal with her black face and passive-aggressive replies for the rest of the day.

Only rotten brats whine and throw tantrums about not being able to get their way for prolonged periods. If you’re not mature enough to know how to #letitgo or handle the shit life throws at you, you’ve just been diagnosed with PS.

3. Indecisive but still needs to be in charge

Princesses want to have the last say and be in charge so they can boss everyone around—which is understandable if you know what you want—but they don’t. They’ll say ‘anything’ when it comes to deciding where to eat for dinner but will reject every option you propose. Well, it’s your fault for thinking you had the freedom to choose—don’t forget your place.

It’s unhelpful and unproductive, especially if you have no counter suggestions to contribute. PS gals are generally dissatisfied with the fact that no solution appeals to them when they’re actually the root of the problem.

4. Taking every criticism as a personal attack

A princess doesn’t take criticism well or considers advice to be constructive. Ever. They’ll usually avoid admitting they’re wrong at all costs because they’re really sensitive. Every hit will be taken as a personal attack; even if you tell her “you look different today.” Different? Are you saying I look bad or something?? Seriously, you’re the rudest person ever. And did that girl just throw shade at me in her Instagram story? I bet she was referring to me.

They’re just petty, and you can never win an argument with them. PS sufferers will jump at what you say according to their mood, and everyone has to walk on eggshells around them.

5. Not giving guys any chance

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards and understanding what kind of a partner you desire or deserve. But when it comes to a point where you’re complaining about being ‘forever alone’ while brushing off every guy that comes your way, it’s PS acting up. Because they consider people they reject as beneath them.

These girls have strict checklists that knock guys out of the game the second they don’t possess any of the defining traits listed—which can be as important as being taller than 1.82cm.

6. Always expects guys to pick up the tab

Not only do girls with PS have unrealistically idealistic views on their Prince Charming; they also have sexist, double standard opinions when it comes to relationships. Everyone loves to be pampered and spoilt with gifts. But princesses expect it—for men to shower them with materialistic affection.

You would think it’s 2017 and girls aren’t that shallow anymore, especially with feminism on the rise, but you’d be surprised with the number of princesses that still exist.

7. Aggressively hints for favours

Princesses always seem to have ulterior motives when they’re acting sweet because they’re more self-serving than they are giving or kind. They think they can manipulate you to get what they want. They’ll passive-aggressively hint to you that their ‘friend’s boyfriend’ bought her XYZ, and how amazing he was… unlike you.

And if you’re not one to pick up on their not-so-subtle hints, hell hath no fury like a princess scorned.

8. Never truly appeased

Even if you cave and give them every single thing they’ve ever wanted, appeasing every whim and fancy will never be enough to satisfy a princess. They’ll always want more—the Princess lifestyle is ongoing and their expectations will only correlate with the amount of times you give in.

So mathematically speaking, the more you pacify a spoilt girl with PS, the more acceptable her behaviour becomes in her eyes. In short, if you put up with a “princess” for long enough, you’re screwed.

Dealing with Spoilt Partners

We can all be guilty of acting spoilt and princessy—yes, both girls and guys. The novelty of receiving gifts and sweet gestures might eventually become an expectation. So if you can relate to all of the above, cut that brattiness off. Right now.