Retro-Style Blender 

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we’re always looking for convenience and elegance rolled into one easy-to-use device. This retro-style blender falls right into that category.

With minimalist aesthetics and a compact size, you can make your fav green smoothie, quickly wash up the device and carry along the nutritious blend to the gym in the bottle included. If you prefer to have an ice-cold milkshake, you can take a sip from the aesthetic looking glass jar and straw combo that’s included as well. 

The blender

ECX blender

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The blender itself is by the brand ECX and evokes the style of old-fashioned kitchen appliances, with a crank on the side and a retro detailing for the speed settings. It’s also more petite compared to regular sized blenders, allowing you to easily store and clean the appliance.



The colours of the blender feature bubblegum pink, white, black, a vibrant red and even baby blue. This means that you can pick a colour to suit your kitchen furnishings or select one that’ll complement other hip kitchen devices you own. 

What’s more, with how portable it is, you can keep it in the dining room or the hall and have it double as decor for your industrial-style casa.

blender blue


The device is also easy to use — all you have to do is push down the crank on the side and tadah, a yummy blended delight. 


mini blender

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The accessories include both a bottle and glass jar which you can whip up a smoothie in and drink out of immediately after — no extra dirty dishes for you to do. 

If you’re heading out, you can even carry along your freshly made beverage and enjoy it throughout the day. Time toattempt that banana milkshake recipe to take with you to work or school. 

The blenders are priced at $74 on GearBeast, $78.80 on Shopee and $76.80 for the red version on Lazada

This Mini Blender Will Help You Whip-Up Smoothies For A Party Of One

For those of you who enjoy your mixes, blending together a smoothie is the perfect idea for a mid-day treat or a post-gym quencher.

With this aesthetic device, you can wake up to mornings with a freshly made glass of berry smoothie and indulge in nutrition-packed sweetness.

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