Saint Laurent Arcade Machines

Whether you’re into indoor games like mahjong or outdoor activities like kite flying (see: Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Kite), it seems every day there’s a designer lifestyle product to add to our ever-growing wish list. Here’s one for all the ’90s kids: Saint Laurent has launched 2 different retro arcade machines, one with a classic checkered pattern and the other with a marble finish. 

Designed by NEO LEGEND, a French gaming company that manufactures these machines, the Saint Laurent versions are equipped with 680 entertainment programmes, so you’ll never feel bored alone at home ever again.

Checkered Arcade Machine

saint laurent retro arcade machine collage

The first arcade machine has a checkered pattern on the sides, reminiscent of those found in American diners similar to the New Balance retro diner pop-up. The top panel of the arcade machine is further adorned with a repeated palm tree pattern. The print will teleport you mentally to a Californian beach, since we still cannot travel.

The retro arcade machine costs €2,500 (~S$4,057.40) and is already sold out. Presumably, some very lucky people received this non-basic gift over Christmas.

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Marble Arcade Machine

saint laurent marble arcade machine collage

If you gasped at the price of the arcade machine above, get ready to pick up your jaw from the floor. 

The Saint Laurent marble retro arcade machine is made of wood, steel and glass, and adorned with black and white marble. To complete the luxe look, even the joystick is designed with a marble finish. This atas-looking arcade machine will fit right into a minimalist home. It will set you back €22,500 (~S$36,464.61).

Saint Laurent Arcade Machines Are Aesthetic AF But Come With An Expensive Price Tag

Even if you’re a crazy rich asian who has €22,500 (~SG$36,464.61) to spare, sadly these arcade machines, which were exclusively available at Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite store in Paris, are already sold out. If you’re still looking for quirky presents for belated Christmas presents, you can look to this non-basic gift guide for more wallet-friendly options. 

All images courtesy of Saint Laurent.

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