Sanrio Mooncakes 2021

Mooncake sales are one of the biggest signs that Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. From snow skin to traditional lotus paste mooncakes, there’s nothing like sinking our teeth into this sweet treat every year. 

This year, Cheers and Fairprice Xpress are bringing us limited edition Sanrio-themed baked mooncakes from 17 Aug to 21 Sep 2021. These adorable mooncakes also come in matching character bags and boxes so you can show off how cute they are to your friends on the ‘gram.

Sanrio Odyssey Music Box

There are 3 different mooncake sets in this year’s collection to choose from. The Sanrio Odyssey Music Box can be opened up to reveal a wind-up music box shaped like a rocket. Now you can enjoy the gentle tinkling of background music while munching on the 4 mooncakes in this set. 

Additionally, the set is completed with 6 pieces of Sanrio-themed postcards and envelopes to wish your loved ones a blessed Mid-Autumn Festival.

Durian mooncakes are pretty much an essential for every Singaporean household at this point. The set includes a Royale Dark Musang King mooncake (left) and a Shang-moon Emerald Lotus Salted Egg Lava mooncake (right).

There are also unique flavours such as the Dynasty Amber Walnut mooncake (left) and Meteor Wave Cherries mooncake (right). Each mooncake is embossed with a spaceship design along with the words “Sanrio characters” to match the outer space theme.

From 17 Aug to 8 Sep 2021, all the mooncake sets will be going at a promotional price. The Sanrio Odyssey Music Box is retailing at $125.90, while its usual price is $139.90.

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Beauty My Melody Lunch Bag

Sanrio mooncakes 2021

The My Melody mooncake set comes with a matching paper bag and lunch bag of the lovely bunny. These are perfect to take with you when you dapao food in the future, so you can avoid paying extra 30 cents for a plastic bag.

Sanrio mooncakes 2021

The set comes with 2 sweet mooncake flavours: Chocolate Lotus Caramel Lava (left) and Pandan Lotus Mango. My Melody herself is embossed on top of them, surrounded by strawberries and cherries designs to make your mooncake even sweeter. 

The Beauty My Melody Lunch Bag set is retailing at a promotional price of $58.80, while its usual price is $68.80.

Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box

Sanrio mooncakes 2021

Hello Kitty’s bright red ribbon reminds us of the colour of prosperity. For some Mid-Autumn Festival huat, the Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box comes with 4 mooncakes. Each of the mooncake boxes depict different designs of Hello Kitty playing with her animal friends. They look almost too cute to be opened and consumed.

Sanrio mooncakes 2021

The set includes more special flavours such as the Bamboo Charcoal White Lotus Salted Egg Lava mooncake (left) and a Durian Lotus Musang King Lava mooncake (right).

Sanrio mooncakes 2021

While flowy lava mooncakes are delicious, we can’t forget our traditional lotus paste with round chewy yolks. The Hello Kitty set also includes a Pandan Lotus Single Yolk (left) and a White Lotus Double Yolk (right).

The Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box is retailing at a promotional price of $79.90, while its usual price is $89.90.

These Sanrio Mooncakes Are Unique & Adorable For Your 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

There will only be 500 sets of these exclusive Sanrio-themed mooncakes at your nearest Cheers and Fairprice Xpress, so make sure to get your hands on them ASAP. Stay tuned to Cheers Singapore’s website for updates on the mooncake availability. You can also find more baked mooncake brands and flavours from Tung Lok, Golden Moments and Old Hong Kong to stock up for the upcoming festival. 

If you’re in search of more kawaii shaped mooncakes, check out these mochi bunny mooncakes by Bynd Artisan and Sunday Folks.

All images courtesy of Cheers and Fairprice Xpress.

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