Trying LELO DOT Pinpoint Clitoral Vibrator For The First Time

Let’s talk about sex — specifically, sex with sex toys. When it comes to vanilla sex, there’s pretty much little room for failure after going at it for a while. But there’s nothing wrong with adding a little bit of spice in the form of sex toys every now and then too, just to keep the sex experiences new and enjoyable.

LELO DOTLELO DOT pinpoint clitoral vibrator

To put that theory to the test, we found three couples who had never tried sex toys before and introduced them to the LELO DOT, aka a pinpoint clitoral vibrator that aims to “provide intense clitoral orgasms” for women. The vibrator came with a bendable soft silicone tip for precision, in addition to the Infinite Loop technology with unique elliptical motion. 

The uwu vibes of the LELO DOT makes it less intimidating for new users, especially since it comes with a smooth handle to slot your hand in for both solo time or couple play. With this, the couples could embark on a journey of sexual self discovery  — pleasure would literally be just one button away.

Whether it’s for foreplay, solo pleasure or during the actual sexy time, these couples were free to use them in any way they liked. Read on to find out how their experience went and if they would continue using it. 

*Names have been altered to protect the identities of our interviewees.

Couple 1

1. “The tip can be bent and adjusted in multiple angles”

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Her: “My partner and I have been together for over 3 years. Before the trial, I have considered trying a vibrator or dildo, but I was skeptical whether I could achieve orgasm with a sex toy. Initially, we felt that there wasn’t a need to use them as we both could always finish. But I’ve always wondered how sex is like for couples that use sex toys. 

When I first opened the LELO DOT, the pastel colour looked very cute, so I wasn’t intimidated by it. I also liked how it is ergonomically designed with a hole at the bottom to slot your fingers in for a better grip. 

We tried using the LELO DOT by holding it in different positions, especially since the tip can be bent and adjusted in multiple angles. Depending on the convenience, some positions required us to take turns holding it. We both had a fair amount of fun with it as there were different types of intensities — my partner’s applied pressure catered to the higher intensity my body never knew it needed.  

As a woman using it, it was definitely more pleasurable to feel my partner inside me while using the toy to stimulate the clit. I also noticed that my partner loved my reactions as it was more intense — I think it really elevated our sex experience. 

I’ve also tried using the toy by myself. It’s great because it gives me more freedom to explore what I like. Overall, there is no hassle or difficulties using it, and it’s very gentle on the skin.” 

Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “Using the toy while having sex takes a little bit more work as you’re doing two things at the same time. However, it’s not a bad thing because you get an amazing 2-in-1 experience. For greater ease, I would also suggest using it for foreplay too.” 

— Hazel, 20 

2. “It was fun figuring out which setting and intensity my partner and I liked together”

Him: “Since it was our first time, I had no expectations. I thought that the teardrop shape was very unique as compared to other suction toys I’ve seen, and the LELO DOT looked very tame and easy to use. 

Using the LELO DOT was not intimidating at all. It was fun figuring out which setting and intensity my partner and I liked together. We tried the toy in the usual positions that we have sex in to see how it would affect the experience.

With the sex toy, I would say that the sex experience becomes “different” but in a good way. I was amazed to find that such a small toy can make her achieve multiple orgasms. I often hear that my friends use sex toys as well. While sex as a topic will always be taboo in Singapore, educating ourselves with sex toys would make it much easier to discuss it.

I think the LELO DOT is useful for both parties to use during foreplay and even during sex, as you can take turns to be in control of the toy. My girlfriend knows that I have sensitive nipples, so she tried using the toy on my nipples too, which felt very pleasurable for me. Whereas for individual play, my partner is able to pleasure herself at her convenience at home.” 

Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “Sex toys change the experience and you have more options to explore with your partner.”

— Elijah, 21

Couple 2

3. “My climax was reached way faster than usual”

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Her: “My partner and I have been together for 5 years. I’ve never really thought about using sex toys before, but he is more adventurous and was the one who asked me if I would like to try.

 Prior to using the LELO DOT, other sex toys that I’ve come across looked quite confusing to use. This is probably the main reason that put me off trying them, because it felt like the confusion would not put us in the mood anymore. 

My partner, on the other hand, always had a positive outlook. He thought it would make things exciting, even if we weren’t sure on how to use the LELO DOT. However, once we turned it on, it seemed pretty straightforward and we were quite excited to try it out. 

I was more hesitant just because my partner wanted to use it on me, but since he was so excited, it made me more relaxed to give it a go and have fun. 

We used it during foreplay, where my partner held it against me to pleasure me. It more than exceeded expectations — my climax was reached way faster than usual! Though we thought we might be confused as first-time users, the toy turned out to be user-friendly and intuitive. Apart from the clitoris, it was also fun to have my boyfriend explore using the toy on my nipples and neck. This worked best for foreplay since it introduced new and different sensations that he could control, depending on the applied pressure and angle of the soft silicone tip.”

Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “I think getting out of our heads is the biggest hurdle to get over. Just be open to the experience and enjoy the time that you’re spending with your partner exploring and understanding what you want and need.”

— Amelia, 24

“Sex with the toy felt more pleasurable because it helped to get her into the mood faster”

Him: “Before the trial, I’ve previously considered using fleshlights, cock rings and vibrators with my partner. But I wasn’t sure if my partner would want to try, and also felt conscious if she would judge me for proposing ideas that were different from vanilla sex. 

 When I first saw the LELO DOT, I was curious as to how a vibrator with a long tip would work. We couldn’t turn it on at first, but we eventually managed to figure it out and I used it on my partner’s clitoris during foreplay to see how it would go. 

The LELO DOT helped to loosen up her nerves before doing the actual deed and it really exceeded my expectations, to be honest. Sex with the toy felt more pleasurable because it helped to get her into the mood much faster and easier. 

I think that the sex toy is great for individual play for women, as instead of moving in circles like classical vibrators, the LELO DOT moves in an ellipse shape that resembles an infinity symbol. This feature massaged her clitoris in one smooth motion and helped her to achieve climax faster than usual. But using it with my partner made foreplay more fun and interesting, aside from the usual sex.”

 Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “Start with something small first, then you can gradually explore more unique toys together. Just take it as a fun experience for the both of you to try.”

— Jacob, 24

Couple 3

5. “The toy brought me to orgasm faster than my partner’s normal ministrations”


Her: “My partner and I have been together for 4 years. Before the trial, I have thought of wanting to try a dildo or strap-on on my BF before. I also wanted to try a vibrator, although I imagined using it on myself rather than with my partner.

I had some concerns before, such as how to pick a good toy, considering that there are so many options on the market. When I first saw the LELO DOT, it didn’t seem to be very “strong”, but I was quite interested in the tip. I’ve seen other toys where the tip looks more like a tongue, yet this one was pointy. 

Despite the product being described to provide intense clitorial orgasms, I was still surprised at how strong the vibrations were at first. My partner used it on me by controlling how he placed the toy on my clitoris, and the pinpoint vibration feature felt more focused on my pleasure spots. We explored my clit area and discovered how certain positionings of the toy felt best for me to achieve orgasm. We also tried it during missionary sex.

The toy brought me to orgasm faster than my partner’s normal ministrations. It definitely feels very good and enhances the sexual experience. 

I have also tried using it by myself and it still brought me to orgasm very quickly. The difference with using it with my partner is that he controls it, so there is an added fun element of not knowing what to expect.

I have no preferences when using it with or without my partner because the toy is very flexible, and the tip, angle and power changes according to the pressure I exert, so I know it will always feel good regardless of the context. The LELO DOT made me realise how easy it is to use sex toys.”

Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “Using sex toys doesn’t mean that you can’t please your partner manually at the same time, nor does it mean that you’re bad at sex.”

— Emma, 25

6. “It was nice to see my girlfriend climax harder and enjoy herself so much”

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Him: “I’ve previously wanted to try sex toys, but that was when I was single and curious about fleshlights. When I first saw the LELO DOT, it looked like an ornament, almost as if I could display it in my living room and most people would not be aware of what it really is. The unique tip was also different from my impression of what a clit stimulator would look like.

It was really interesting to discover how simply shifting the angle of the toy and using applied pressure makes it feel much stronger and more focused. I held the toy up against my partner to stimulate her clitoris and inner thighs, toying with the bendable tip to find the angle she liked the most.

The toy helped my girlfriend climax more and harder, and it was nice to see her enjoy herself so much. Personally, I think the LELO DOT is useful for both partner and individual play. I can help my partner achieve climax better, and she can use it as and when she likes in her own time.

Female masturbation and self-pleasure education is still taboo and not openly discussed in Singapore. More conversations should be encouraged, as sex toys help one to feel sexually fulfilled and add value to your relationship.

Advice to couples who want to try using sex toys for the first time: “Do your research and find out what you like, then look up sex toys that can enhance those aspects.”

— Lucas, 25

The LELO DOT Pinpoint Clitoral Vibrator Is For Couples Who Are Seeking New Ways Of Experiencing Pleasure

As quoted by LELO, “pleasure is not a luxury, it is essential to our wellbeing”, but conversations surrounding sex and pleasure, especially for women, remains a taboo. However, with the new generation becoming more open and receptive, there are positive changes and more chances to open up conversations in a safe space. 

Based on the couples’ responses, many had doubts because they were unsure of what to expect with sex toys. Despite the knowledge of sex toys’ existence, it seems that many of us are wary about trying them out since the experience isn’t commonly shared. But with the LELO DOT’s ease of inducing multiple orgasms by concentrating its power on one small pleasure point, it’s perfect for new users who want to venture into sex toys.

LELO DOTLELO DOT pinpoint clitoral vibrator

Available in 3 chio pastel colours of pink, blue and purple, the LELO DOT is here to add some extra fun to your pleasure. For ladies who struggle to achieve orgasm, the LELO DOT allows you to build your orgasm however you want, even inducing multiple orgasms. 

Don’t underestimate its looks — the LELO DOT may look small and cute, but it’s certainly mighty. 


Easily adjust the vibrations and intensities along the side of the vibrator with the smooth and soft buttons. It’s made of silicone material that also surrounds the toy. 

Not to worry — the vibrations are built with Infinity Loop Technology, so you won’t feel unnecessary numbness and saturation during masturbation. We can’t have you feeling turned off when the party’s only just getting started.

This is achieved by using elliptical motion as a stimulation pattern instead of the classic circular motion found in regular vibrations. Yes, this means pleasant transitions from one orgasm to the next, however many times you want.


Each LELO DOT pinpoint clitoral vibrator is retailing at $259, available on LELO’s official website. There’s no shame in your toy game — take pleasure up and notch and treat yourself to the elevated sexual experience you deserve.

Explore your infinite pleasure with the LELO DOT here!

Photography by Doreen Fan.
Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.
This post is brought to you by LELO.

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