Street Style Snaps In Singapore

We hopped off to Temasek Polytechnic because we heard the students there dress to kill. Well, some of them do.

Here we document the looks that impressed us, and we hope it’s inspiring to you as well.

Bertrand Fong, Apparel Design Student, @fermit_le_krog

Describe your look?

My overalls is from Bershka and shoes are from Vans.

What inspires your style?

I like Japanese labels like Undercover and Issey Miyake. My uncle who dresses up no matter where he goes is also a style inspiration for me.

What accessories do you use to enhance your look?

I usually don’t wear accessories. I prefer a clean and minimal look.

What is your ambition?

I hope to be a men’s and women’s ready-to-wear designer.

Kerni, Fashion Merchandising Student, @kerninrek

Describe your look?

Why did y’all come down today? I’m dressed so basic today. I dressed simply because I have to go work later at a cafe. My pants are from Bangkok and my shoes are from Nike.

Oh you consider this basic? I wonder how you dress on a normal day then. What inspires your style?

I try to fuse Western and Japanese styles.

Where do you usually shop?

I like to thrift in JB or shop on Taobao.

What is your ambition?

I want to be a fashion stylist but I’m not sure where to start.

Phyllis, Fashion Merchandising Student, @phyphyphyllisssss

Describe your look today?

My jacket is from Aasics and my bag is from Bangkok.

What inspires your style?

I like activewear looks. They are more comfortable. I am actually wearing FBTs today.

Wow, I didn’t really notice. What are you passionate about?

Hawker food.

What’s the best hawker food in Singapore?

Wah, that’s a hard question. There’s so much good food everywhere. But if I had to choose one, it will be the prawn mee at Adam Road.

Grace Lam, Fashion Merchandising Student, @grace.lwy

Describe your look today?

My outfit is from Shein, Forever 21 and Bangkok.

What inspires your style?

I like to be minimalist with a pop of colour. I go to an American site called Dollskill to surf for inspiration. I like neutral and autumn colours because they go well with each other.

Stephanie Tan, Fashion Design Student, @stefieeetan

Describe your style?

I consider my style minimalist. I go for muted tones with a lot of black. I prefer clean looks over detailed looks with patterns. I like to play with silhouettes.

Who are your style icons?

I consider @Yoyokulala to be very inspiring. Her style is well put together, original and she’s one of the first fashion influencers.

Fiona Ng, Fashion Design Student, @fiona.njy

Describe your look today?

I usually thrift my clothes. I use Carousell and I like Big Bundle in Johor Bahru.

What inspires your style?

For influencers, I like Tara Chandra of Fashion Bambini. I go for a vintage and worn out look. I pay attention to the details of my outfits when I put them together.

Street Style Temasek Polytechnic November 2018 Edition

Seeing the well put together looks of Temasek Polytechnic students inspire me to care more about my appearance. I like how they put their personal spin to themes like minimalism and vintage.

These Temasek Polytechnic students make school a much more visually interesting environment.

Hope to see you and your well-dressed friends at our next Street Style hunt.

Au Revoir!

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Photography by Sebastian Tan