Skechers Pokémon Foamies Collection

Earlier this month, we witnessed the release of the Pokémon x Clarks Pikachu boots which were a chic wardrobe addition if you wanted a mysterious trainer aesthetic.

For those who prefer a cooler option for the hot and humid weather, Pokémon has collaborated with Skechers to bring us a collection of Foamies featuring different characters like Pikachu, Charizard and Eevee.

The women’s collection

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Arguably one of the cutest Pokémon to ever exist, Eevee will keep you company while you’re out and about. The neutral colours paired with the unique pattern on the strap is a look for those who’d like to keep things simple.

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With wide eyes and soothing vocals, this singing Pokémon is perfect for those aspiring for a soft girl aesthetic. The Jigglypuff Foamies is decked out in different shades of pink and features some white accents too.

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We definitely can’t miss out on the most recognisable Pokémon — Pikachu. Available for both men and women, these shoes can easily match with bae for your Pokémon Go dates together. These clogs feature white, yellow and black to complement Pikachu’s colour scheme.

Men’s collection

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Apart from the Pikachu Foamies, the Charizard design will give you a darker and tasteful look with its black and orange hues. Like the ones in the women’s collection, each strap has been specially designed to match the Pokémon.

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Alternatively, you can get these Snorlax Foamies to emulate your inner spirit animal.

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With every two Foamies purchased from this collection, you’ll also be able to redeem a free dry bag which features an airtight seal so you can keep your items fresh and clean from any unwanted spillages when you’re out catching Pokémons.

The Skechers Pokémon Foamies Collection Will Make Every Step Feel Like A Breeze

Put on these Pokémon Foamies for your adventure around our island or simply as a conversation starter.

The collection is now available for purchase in physical stores and on the official Skechers website for $79 each.

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