Soju Bottle Cakes

Korean culture is influential in many aspects such as entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and even food. Recently, many Singapore cake shops are also selling more Korean-inspired cakes such as the bento box cake ‒ a mini cake put in a takeaway box. 

Now, there is a new cake trend taking over Korea, the soju bottle cakes. If you’re up for some intoxicating cakes without the booze, read on to find out what the hype is about.  

The design 

When Koreans mean soju bottle cake, they literally mean a bottle of soju in the middle of the cake. 


While soju bottles typically come in green, there are also brands that make them in blue. They look even more appropriate for festive occasions with a ribbon around them.

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For easy removal of the soju bottle, the bakers place a circular plastic fold in the middle of the cake. That way, the cake will stay intact and still look chio for your Instagram shots. 

Soju bottles

Avid K-drama fans would know the typical scene where the characters have an enjoyable meal with soju and K-BBQ meat. To many Koreans, the combination of soju and grilled meat is simply heavenly. 

When it comes to soju bottle cakes, they also certainly do not miss out on that detail.

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Instead of the standard frosting, there are soju bottle cakes decorated with realistic-looking meat, mushrooms and vegetables ‒ ingredients typically found in a K-BBQ setting. Looking from the top, you will also notice how this cake looks as if it’s on a grill pan with “handles” by the sides. 

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If you prefer thicker meat, there is also one with a design that features them. Playing with the colours of the icing, you can tell how the baker differentiated the “fatty meat” from the “lean meat” by using a lighter and darker shade of pink.   

These cakes might just get you booking a reservation at a K-BBQ restaurant instead.

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Don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan of K-BBQ as you can also get your soju bottle cakes decorated with “sushi”. Be it tamagoyaki, salmon or tuna sushi, they look adorable and provide a playful twist to cake celebrations. 

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In a way, money brings happiness and puts a smile on people’s faces. Present one of these soju bottle cakes with rolled-up money notes and there’s no way the recipient won’t be happy. This cake design would also make an excellent idea for your parents. 

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Beer cans

Not everyone enjoys soju as it can leave a bitter and burning aftertaste. Instead of a bottle of soju, you can also switch things up by placing a can of beer in the middle of the cake. 


Since Koreans enjoy having chimaek ‒ fried chicken and maekju aka beer in Korean ‒ this cake is inspired by the uniquely Korean dish. Pour out the can of beer and enjoy it with the “fried chicken” on the cake. 

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Here, the cake is iced with white and yellow frostings ‒ reminding us of the colours of a freshly poured beer. Plus, you will also notice how the “beer foam” is also overflowing and dripping down the cake.  

Satisfy Your K-Food Cravings With Soju Bottle Cakes

With the popularity of these Korean soju bottle cakes, it looks like a new cake trend will be heading to Singapore soon. Maybe Singapore bakers will take inspiration from local food, and come up with something uniquely Singaporean instead. Perhaps in the near future, we will see a cake designed with a can of Tiger beer and satay-inspired decorations. 

If you’re looking for same-day cake delivery in Singapore, check out this article.  

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