Starbucks China Autumn Collection 

Starbucks is known for their whimsical collections of tumblers, cups and more. While their rainbow collection would’ve given you major sunshine vibes, their newly released Starbucks China Autumn Collection will have you fall-ing in love with pumpkin spice season all over. 

The collection includes fluffy bunny bags and bottle sets, tumblers and even a range of fox and bunny themed mugs. Tinged in tones of orange and brown, the items will surely put you in the mood for some warm lattes and pecan pie. 

Bunny Bottle-Holder Bag Set

starbucks autumn bunny bag


If you’re one who’s always stumbling around with lots to hold, this bottle-holder bag will come in handy. The bag also includes a mini water bottle which you can plop into the bag and carry around. The bottle even includes a straw and flip-up cap, and has a simple yet classy design. 

With the adorable bunny clinging on to the side of the bag, this is a set you can gift to little ones or even friends who have a penchant for bunnies. 

The set is priced at US $78.84 (~S$107.60). 

Bunny Ears Backpack Set

starbucks bunny bag


The second bunny bag in this collection takes the form of a chic cream-coloured backpack that also comes with a bottle. The bag’s details include floppy rabbit ears and a plushy little tail — match the backpack with a brown bucket hat and you’ll have yourself a unique explorer look down pat. 

The bottle included has a bunny of its own printed on, along with orange autumn leaf details that ramp up the fall vibes of the set. 

The set is priced at US $89.29 ( ~S$121.83). 

Fox Sling Set

starbucks fox bag


Nothing says autumn more than an orange fox, and by simply pairing this fox sling and bottle set with a brown outfit you’ll get yourself a quirky ensemble ready for the outdoors. 

The fox sling is big enough to fit your phone and wallet, so you can carry along the handled bottle easily and jalan around town without needing to spend on drinks when you get thirsty. 

The set is priced at US $64.59 ( ~S$88.13). 

Tumbler Set

starbucks autumn tumbler set


This tumbler set comes with 3 cap covers featuring a fox, a rabbit and a hedgehog on the top. The tumbler itself is cream coloured and has minimalist details of leaves and acorns on the front.

If you tend to change your bottle often, this set will make it feel like you’ve gotten yourself a brand new one every time you switch the cap cover around. Each of the cap covers also have little embellishments such as coffee cups and aprons on the characters.

The set is priced at US $79.99 ( ~S$109.14). 

Fox Acorn Cup

fox acorn mug


Their autumn collection also has several adorable mugs and cups that are perfect for sipping on some hot cocoa or lattes. This dual-layer cup is shaped like an acorn and has its own little buddy on the cover — a sleeping fox. The cup itself has stars and leaves printed all over for a golden glow appearance. 

With the secure cover, you can now make your favourite warm drink and leave it out without having to worry about the contents spilling when you accidentally topple the cup. 

The cup is priced at US $43.69 ( ~S$59.61). 

Clear Acorn Mug

acorn starbucks mug


In another acorn design, the collection also features this simple yet elegant translucent mug. With a bunny shape embellished on the front, the piece makes a great gift for any of your mug-collecting buddies in search of more one-of-a-kind glasses. 

The mug is priced at US $38.89 ( ~S$54.43). 

Fox Mug

starbucks fox mug


This mug’s design has leaves printed all over and a bronze Starbucks logo in the centre. The handle of the mug also resembles a fox’s tail which complements the cup cover that features a fox head. 

The fox on the top has its very own coffee cup in hand, so you can sip on your morning brew together. 

The mug is priced at US $41.79 ( ~S$57.02). 

Bunny Mug

starbucks bunny mug


The next mug also has another animal buddy sitting on the top: an adorable little bunny. The cup cover’s bunny is designed balancing a coffee cup on its head, surrounded by autumn-inspired features. 

Now you can attempt to make your own spiced latte and enjoy it out of the cheery-looking mug. 

The mug is priced at US $38.94 ( ~S$53.13).

Hourglass Bottle

starbucks hourglass tumbler


This bottle comes fitted with a straw cap that doubles as an hourglass. With a bunny in the centre, you can flip the top around and watch leaves fall from one side of the cap to the other. 

While you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, you can entertain yourself with the cap and even time how many rounds it takes before your morning roast is ready. 

The tumbler is priced at US $38.89 ( ~S$54.43).

Fox Tumbler

starbucks fox tumbler


If you’re a fan of Starbucks tumbler cups, this orange fox addition with stud-like patterns is one you can add to your personal stash. The cup has its own straw-buddy with a cover for the straw-tip so you can bring your tumbler out without having to worry about the straw getting dirty. 

You can even take the tumbler with you to Starbucks so you’ll be helping to reduce the use of plastic cups and straws. 

The tumbler is priced at US $45.59 ( ~S$62.20).

The Starbucks China Autumn Collection Will Get You Leaping Into The Fall Feels 

All the items in the collection are not yet available in Singapore, so you can check out this hip Starbucks x Fila collection in the meantime. You can take a look at all the items available in the collection here for more details. 

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