Starbucks Halloween 2020 Collection

Recently, Starbucks Taiwan unveiled its Halloween 2020 collection, which is filled with adorable black cat motifs. You don’t have to feel envious anymore because Starbucks Singapore just released its own Halloween 2020 Collection. It features cats and ghosts in the form of mugs, tumblers, water bottles and a canister to get you in the Halloween spirit.  



First up, a black cat water bottle. The fuzzy black cat in the front perfectly blends into the background, save for its bright yellow irises, adding to the spooky vibe. All sorts of jack o’ lanterns lie across the ground, including one with a cat face and another with a shocked expression. The cat theme continues with the cap design, which resembles the pointed ears of the feline. 

This 15oz black cat water bottle is retailing for $23.90. 


These two white and black cat mugs have the word ‘partner’ printed on them, making it a perfect set for you and bae or your partner in crime. 

starbucks-halloween-2020-cat-cups-fullCourtesy of a Zula reader

The white cat mug has a purple interior to match its purple iris. Its pointed black ears pop out from the top, while its paws are also in 3D for a twist on the standard mugs.

Black cats might be regarded as bad luck for some but this black cat mug is too cute to resist. Similar to the white cat mug, it has a green interior to match its green iris.

The 80z mugs are retailing for $21.90 each. 


In addition to drinkware, the collection has a Bearista disguised as a black cat. Once Halloween is over, you can also choose to remove the outfit. The Starbucks Halloween Black Cat Barista is retailing for $34.90.

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Aside from the lovable cats, the Starbucks Halloween 2020 collection has ghost-themed drinkware as well. 

The all-white canister on the left has the Starbucks Siren logo printed on the bottom portion and a kawaii ghost in the shape of a fluffy cloud floating on the top. It also reminds us of whipped cream sitting atop a Frappuccino. Use it to store your accessories, trinkets and other random knick-knacks.  

The water bottle on the right is literally the ghost emoji brought to life. The little ghost figures on the bottle replace the steam that emits from your morning cuppa to prep you for the upcoming spooky season. With a wry-faced ghost serving as the cap, this bottle will serve as a reminder to stay hydrated. 

The 12oz canister and 17oz water bottle are retailing for $26.90 each.


If you can’t decide between the cat or ghost drinkware, get the best of both worlds with this tumbler. Spot the precious black cat with a Starbucks cup balancing on the top of its head, peeking at you from within a glitter globe on the bottom of the cup. Floating ghosts make up the rest of the cup design, with both wry and shocked expressions. 

This 12oz black tumbler is priced at $29.90.

Spice Up Your Halloween With The Starbucks Halloween 2020 Collection

At this point, we’re not sure if Halloween is a spooky season or a kawaii season. But it is pretty evident that Starbucks is slaying with its Halloween 2020 collection. 

The collection is now available in Starbucks stores and on the Starbucks Flagship Store in LazMall. Purchases are limited to 4 pieces per item per customer, so head down to your nearest Starbucks store now. But before you do, visit the Starbucks website to make sure the store you’re visiting has the particular items you’re after. 

Cover: Source, courtesy of a Zula reader

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