Starbucks Taiwan Halloween 2020 Collection

October is now upon us, which means the spooky season has arrived. Starbucks Taiwan is kicking things off by announcing its latest Halloween 2020 collection featuring a bevy of adorable black cats.


starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 drinkware

Every Starbucks collection has cute coffee mugs and bottles, and this Halloween collection is no exception. Centred around cats and pumpkins, the drinkware in this collection is ideal for cat lovers or anyone whose favourite time of the year is the scary season.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 cat mug

Get into the Halloween spirit by sipping your morning coffee out of a mug shaped like a black cat. Its tail forms the handle of the mug, and it is even cradling a 3D Starbucks cup in a show of solidarity. A cat-shaped jack o’lantern lies next to the tail, making this Black Cat Party Mug the ideal container for a hot cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 vampire cat mug

Vampires may be scary, but not this Black Cat Vampire Mug. It’s a mash-up of a cat, bat and vampire, which sounds freaky but somehow ends up looking adorbs.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 cat glass cup

At first glance, this glass cup may look like it has spiderwebs to fit the Halloween vibe. But if you look closer, you’ll realise they’re actually kittens. The Black Cat Hidden Glass Cup is more subtle compared to the other mugs in this collection but it is no less irresistible.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 paw cold cup

What’s a Starbucks Collection without a selection of Cold Cups? This Halloween-themed Cat Paw To Go Cold Cup has a 3D paw attached to the side of the cup. Hopefully, it’s as squishy as the real thing. The sides of the cup are decorated with pumpkins and cartoon cat heads.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 tail bottle

If you’re looking for something you can carry around with you on the go, consider the Black Cat Tail Water Bottle. It comes with a removable furry cat tail attached to the top of the cap, which you can even hook onto your bag or purse.

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starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 accessories

Aside from the new Halloween takes on classic Starbucks drinkware, there are also accessories featuring the black cat. Items include keychains, coin purses and a bottle holder you can carry around for a simple look that still shows your love for the furry animal.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 pouch

Meet the Black Cat Small Storage Bag or, as we prefer to call it, a black cat purr-se. Measuring 12.5cm by 20.5cm, you can use it as a pencil case or to store small items like hair ties.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 bottle holder

If you get tired of holding your Cold Cups and bottles in your hand, you can carry them using this Black Cat Cup Holder instead.

starbucks taiwan halloween 2020 cat dish

Display your jewellery on this cute cat-shaped dish. Measuring 15cm by 12cm by 2cm, this plate would work great as a decorative piece for your home.

Ring In The Spooky Season With The Starbucks Taiwan Halloween 2020 Collection  

Black cats might be considered a symbol of bad luck according to certain superstitions, but there’s no denying that they are absolutely adorable in this new Starbucks Taiwan collection. They will be launching in Starbucks Taiwan stores and online from 5 October 2020. Starbucks Singapore has yet to reveal its Halloween collection, so we’re crossing our fingers that some of the items will make their way here too.

Previous collections like the Starbucks Taiwan Mid-Autumn Collection and the Starbucks Taiwan Otter Mugs were available through sites like Airfrov, so if you really want to get your hands on the cute cat mugs and accessories, you can try your luck there too.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Taiwan

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