New Starbucks Christmas Merchandise

Starbucks Singapore’s Christmas merchandise hit the shelves today and you can expect an entire range of polar-bear themed products. 

November marks the beginning of Christmas cheer in malls and retail stores, so you can catch the cheer with these merchandise at your nearest Starbucks, while stocks last. 

Polar bear cups and mugs

First on the list is Starbucks’ iconic double-walled glass cup. This time around, it comes with a polar bear mother and child tea filter that sits comfortably in the cup. You can use the Bearista cup cover to keep your drink warm or cold. He is accompanied by a seal and penguin.

Glass with tea filter ($55.90)
Bearista lid ($19.90)

Check out these mint-coloured cold cups and bottles. They are perfect to bag your iced coffee or water to keep cool on a hot day in Singapore.

Left to right:
14oz bottle ($23.90)
24oz bottle ($32.90)
12oz cold cup ($19.90)
12oz cold cup ($19.90)

If you prefer a light blue colour, these cups come with lids and are decorated with polar bears and Christmas tree drawings. One of them even has a 3D polar bear on top of its cover. 

Left to right:
16oz tumbler ($36.90)
16oz cup ($59.90)
12oz cup ($28.90)

These red merchandise will keep the festive cheer going whenever you buy your coffee.

Left to right:
12oz cup ($23.90)
17oz cup ($26.90)
16oz cup ($36.90)
16oz cup ($45.90)

These dark green bottles are a stylish way to carry a drink around, featuring the polar bear. 

Left to right:
17oz bottle ($45.90)
10oz bottle ($33.90)

Celebrate the beauty of snow with these white cups with illustrations of a polar bear looking out of a house and carrying a Christmas tree. 

Left to right:
12oz bottle ($39.90)
16oz cup ($45.90)

If you prefer less cutesy products, these cups come with a simple red and green polka dot design. They are specially crafted for 2019’s Christmas season. 

Left to right:
12oz cup ($23.90)
12oz cup ($34.90)
12oz mug ($22.90)

Christmas ornaments

Starbucks Singapore also has some unique Christmas ornaments so you can show your love for the popular coffee chain on your Christmas tree. 

They are in dark green and red colours, with cute polar bears and a penguin to jazz up your tree.

Left to right:
Penguin ornament ($16.90)
Polar bear cup ornament ($16.90)
Polar bear tree ornament ($19.90)

Even if you don’t have a tree, the polar bear snow globe ($59.90) and Bearistas ($34.90) dressed up as a reindeer will keep your home looking festive for Christmas. 

Bags and pouches

Look chic this festive season with this range of bags and pouches that star the cute polar bear.

How about this light blue tote bag ($29.90)? Polar bear’s friends, fox, penguin and owl, show up for a winter gathering.

The dark green laptop case ($32.90) and pouch ($22.90) come with a red strap so it is convenient to lug your wallet or loose change around.

You can also get a lunchbox ($19.90) with a red handle and christmas trees printed on it.! 

Starbucks Christmas Merchandise Include Polar Bear Cups, Christmas Ornaments And Pouches

With these Starbucks Christmas merchandise, you can celebrate the festive season beginning from today. 

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All photos courtesy of Starbucks Singapore